Power Presentations by Richard La Faber


Fine-tune Delivery Techniques, Increase Presence & Charisma, Win Influence & Trust

Whether you like it or not, regardless of which level of organization are you operating from, you will need to present to an audience. It can be a sales presentation to prospects, financial reports to shareholders, and strategy and execution plans for team members. Surely you have seen some great presentations, and aspire to be able to perform the same as well.

Luckily for all of us, presentation is a skill, and it can be learned and mastered.

This workshop employs a variety of interactive and practical exercises that will prepare participants for their ultimate presentation. The workshop focuses on the latest practices in presentation skills especially in business and academic environments. It also covers a set of best design practices so participants will know what to avoid during the preparation and delivery of their presentation.


  • Identify the fundamentals parameters of a good presentation
  • Engage the audience and get their fullest attention
  • Prepare your story and understand what you want to show
  • Design high-impact slides that deliver your message efficiently
  • Deliver your presentation with confidence
  • Control the environment for the highest impact
  • Leave a positive and memorable experience for the audience


  • A one day highly interactive workshop
  • Facilitation by an expert trainer
  • Workshop manual
  • One month adhoc support by phone & email
  • Sampler MindMovie recordings
  • Positive Affirmation recordings
  • Daily Vocal Exercise recording
  • Post Workshop Manual


Driven by his passion to inspire audiences and encourage them to live their dreams, combined with 30 over years working in the Radio, News, TV and Education industry, Richard is well known for his dynamic presentations that consistently earn him awesome reviews. His unique ability to adapt to participants from all walks of life allow him to reach out to a wide spectrum of audiences, from corporate leaders to cleaners, ministers to mothers, academics to students, teenagers to pensioners, celebrity to commoners! Richard is equally at ease with inspirational keynotes, high impact workshops, in-house training, learning luncheons, dinner talks and skills coaching. His stage charisma, enthusiasm and zeal to share his knowledge, backed by personal real life stories, leave participants and audiences with a desire to expand and extend themselves, to be the best that they can be.


0930 | Presentations Fears & Phobias
Looking at the past problems participants have felt and seen with presentations. Identifying the fears, likes and dislikes of presenting.

1015 | Qualities of an Effective Presenter
Identifying what makes a presenter good and analyzing the skills required.

1100 | Planning a Presentation
Key considerations when planning a presentation and planning around the audience.

1200 | Structuring Your Presentation
Considering the attention span of an audience and structuring the session around this. Using the 'Communicating to Convince' model to structure the presentation.

1300 | Networking Lunch

1400 | Opening Attention Grabbers
How to start a session with a bang.

1430 |Using Visual Aids
The do's and don'ts regarding visual aids and making them effective.

1530 | Presentation Models and Tools
Identifying alternatives to PowerPoint.

1600 | Presentation Style
Considering individual style, including; mannerisms, gestures, eye contact, voice and nerves.

1630 | Presentation Practice
An opportunity to test your presenting skills and receive feedback in a safe environment.

1700 | Q&A & Workshop Ends


Will food be provided?
Yes, definitely! We got a great caterer that we use all the time (because we just can't get enough of her food), and it's halal and homecooked! We will be providing two tea breaks and one lunch.

Is this workshop HRDF claimable?
Yes it is. Please contact Maverick at mav@plaseed.com to make the necessary arrangements.

If we can come in a group, do we get a discount?
Sure, the more the merrier! Drop Maverick an email at mav@plaseed.com and let's discusss.

We have a huge team and probably can benefit more if this program is done in-house. Is that possible?
Definitely! Most of our clients opt for that because not only can the contents be personalised to suit your needs, we can also add on additional modules, incorporate more coaching sessions and suit your team's schedule. Contact Maverick at mav@plaseed.com to explore the options.

If I've paid and can't make it due to emergency, can I nominate someone else?
Sure you can. Just get in touch with us and we'll make the necesarry arrangements for you.

Anyone I can talk to if I got more questions?
Yup, Maverick would be the best person. You can reach him either at +60162252500, or at his email mav@plaseed.com.

Fri May 20, 2016
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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