The 5 Elements of Well-Being Workshop


Understanding the principles of holistic health, wellness and personal equilibrium

The 5 Elements of Well-Being is a comprehensive system of wellness that incorporates both the understanding of the root cause of illness but also individualised solutions for wellness of body, mind and spirit.

What you will learn:

Five key body-mind aspects that relate to health and personal equilibrium.

Specific and practical information, tools, techniques

Lifestyle choices that have lasting positive effects on well-being.

Mindfulness and coaching techniques for relaxation and stress release.

Benefits of this program:

  1. This programme will offer participants a framework for understanding well-being and stress management.
  2. This programme can help reduce sickness, medical leave and health costs because it offers practical everyday remedies that can improve health and equilibrium.
  3. Participants will feel connected to their body-mind and experience increased clarity, vitality and focus.
  4. Participants will understand the signs and symptoms of imbalance and how it manifests for them in an individual way.

Program Outline

o Principles of Wholeness and Holistic Health – The definition of wellness and equilibrium. Setting intentions and personal wellness goals. Yin or Yang questionnaire.

o Introduction to the Five Elements of Well-Being – The five key aspects of health and body-mind wellness

o The Individual Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal

o Element Associations – Basic aspects and relationship of each Element

o Body-Mind Associations – Health and body-mind system of each Element

o Addressing Imbalance – Understanding and personalising techniques, tools and remedies

o Activities and Questionnaires – Interactive sessions and profiling your wellness routine

Teaching Methodology

· Coaching approaches based on the latest social science, brain research and positive psychology.

· Wellness framework that participants can personalise for maximum effectiveness and ease of application.

· Mindfulness techniques that facilitate a proactive and positive attitude to health and wellness.

· Personal wellness assessment through questionnaires and profiles to enhance self-awareness.

· Practical application through activities to augment understanding and anchor learning.

About your Facilitator:

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn brings together 20 years of training in natural therapies, wellness and personal development in her work with clients one to one and in workshops and classes.

She learnt about the Five Element theory when she trained in Zen Shiatsu in the late 1990s after which she practised Shiatsu Healing for 10 years. She incorporates the theory of the Five Elements in her facilitation work now as a master coach, speaker and facilitator. She has been featured on Channel News Asia, Razor TV, News Radio 93.8, WKRZ 91.3, Time Out, Female and Her World Magazines.

You can find out more about her at

Sat May 14, 2016
2:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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326C King George's Avenue S (208567) Singapore
Michelle Ayn Tessensohn