Moving Digitally - Environment

'You're walking through a large forest. You've been walking all day, and the sun is getting low. It begins to rain, and with the fading light the path is escaping you. You hear a noise, a movement in the bushes to the left. The rain starts to beat down harder as the wind picks up. A light comes on in the distance and you begin to head towards it...'

A lot of Performance Capture is stage directions. In theatre, you will often have costume, lighting, sound and some semblance of set to help you imagine and inhabit this world. Film and TV will give you an even greater sense of realism. Performance Capture however exposes you in lycra, gives you a bright studio and a few bits of scaffolding for trees. It leaves the actor stranded, and you have to imagine your way through the wind and rain towards the light. And with no particular audience or camera to aim at, who knows which direction that is!

This workshop gives you the tools you need to engage your imagination fully. We will re-awaken and re-focus your critical eye, and improve your observational skills. You will learn useful techniques for how the body behaves in various environments, as well as transitions from one environment to another. You will also learn basic mime/physical-action techniques, so useful in a motion capture volume where props and worlds are often imagined.'

What you'll take away

-Better awareness of your body in the space
-How to use the body to sell an imagined space
-How to use physical actions to sell space and character
-How to perform in a space that has no camera or audience
-Selling a transitional environment. One space to the next
-How to use the mocap volume to full effect

To learn more about the tutor, visit the GURUS page on Themocapvaults.com

Limited availability so book early.

Note: This is a Level 2 class. Moving Digitally follows on from the material taught in our Masterclass. To get the most from this class you should first attended the Motion Capture Acting Masterclass. Check the course schedule to find the next Masterclass near you. If you feel you would still like to attend this class then please contact us at admin@themocapvaults.co.uk

Sat May 21, 2016
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT
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The Poor School, 242 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JY
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The Poor School, 242 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JY United Kingdom
Oliver Hollis-Leick