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What are Chinwags?

Chinwags are guided conversations in small groups with native speakers They’re pedagogically designed to reinforce and teach English listening and speaking skills.
They let learners maintain and improve their speaking and listening skills cheaply and conveniently.

Chinwags are not lessons.

They let you practice English without the tedium of grammar and the pressure of exams

How do Chinwags work?

Each chinwag is open to limited numbers of learners to guarantee that everyone has a chance to participate and learn.
Each one follow a similar structure:
1. Remind learners of vocabulary and structures they might already know.
2. Encourage learners to use what they know to describe:
3. How they think
4. How they feel
5. Talking about the future
6. The abstract
7. The hypothetical.

Chinwags have rules

1. No language other than English.
2. The conversation doesn’t stop to look up words in dictionaries
3. Lying and invention is better than not speaking
4. Listen and respect the opinions and opportunity of anyone at the Chinwags.

And reasons

1. Immersion is the key to turning grammar into instinct.
2. The brain is efficient and will always find the easiest way to solve a problem. Using a word in your native language is its solution.
3. At Chinwags you have to lie or explain and define what you mean, just as you would in a foreign country
4. Time is limited and the point of the Chinwags to to give people the chance to speak confidently and without censorship. Everyone including the native speaker can pretend and lie, just as long as they do it in Englishto provoke conversation.

Online ticket price €6
Price at the door €7

For more details please visit www.chinwags.es (www.chinwags.es)
Thu Apr 14, 2016
7:00 PM - 8:10 PM CET
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