Don't get burn-out! (What nobody told you about stress and how to prevent it)


People think that burn-outs come from working long hours. Ever heard of famous exec, DJ or athlete complaining about working longer hours? What's the difference? And there is only ONE difference.

This FREE workshop is a conversation on discovering more about stress, its causes, its roots and what kind of dangers can come your way if you don't get that ONE difference for yourself.

Everyone of us want to avoid stress in their life, but let's be real a minute: if you want a life that's worth it, stress will be part of your life. But stress has two faces: the empowering one and the burning one. So you may may not feel like you are stressing now, but if you are reading this, you know that there might be a little something that consume you (or someone you know) slowly.

What I believe is that life should be about healthy stress, the one that push us forward and not downward. So how do you get it?

We usually don't get we are stressed. People around may tell us to "think about yourself" or "maybe you should rest", but we don't hear them because we think everything is fine. Yet each morning our jaw is more tense, our belly is more contracted and we wonder why we are going to work knowing that money doesn't buy everything (but what else shall we do?). It may lead to depression.

Those who get they are stressed, it s usually too late and they kind of "explode". Have you ever heard of people who quit their job, go to "find themselves" into a retreat and kind of don't do anything for a year and struggle to get back to being functional?It is not better than depression.

Would you like to avoid wasting your energy and health, risk your jobs or relationships for something that may be avoid in one step?

I will share key concept about stress and the essential elements to look at when you want to build a life free of unhealthy stress. You will get started on:

• what are the real roots of stress

• discover the big difference between empowering and consuming stress

understand what you can do to go from one to the other

• apply what you got straight away in your life

Are you feeling like your life is a bit intense and that it wasn't the case before?
Do you fall ill more often?
Ever wondered why you always caught something when you go into holidays? Ever imagined it may be your body trying to force you to rest?
Ever wanted to quit your job but stopped because... if you don't do it, what do you do then? Ever wanted to quit your partner but stopped because... if you are not with him/her, who would want you then?

As your host for tonight, expect from me total passion, power and playfulness that will make this evening not only engaging, but thoroughly enjoyable.

You can register here or http://tinyurl.com/RegisterFYP

Mon Apr 25, 2016
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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SCAPE HubQuarters
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Venue Address
2 orchard link Singapore
Go to HubQuarters on level 4. Cross the co-working space to the Welcoming Desk. Follow the corridor on your left and enter the second room on your right, called "Cockpit".
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