Modern Day Warriors Preview: Get skills that help you generate $10,000 a month


Hey everybody!

Check out this upcoming complimentary seminar we are organising for young professionals age 22 to 35. In this exciting 4-hour talk, we will share about the secrets of successful people whom we like to call Modern Day Warriors (MDWs)

The Modern Day Warrior (MDW) is a person with a fearless belief and determination to achieve goals in life. They are living their dreams have figured that out and thats why they are able to reach the top while others are still trying to find a way!

MDWs are killing it out there, winning in their careers, life goals and personal relationships! These are individuals who come from an ordinary background, but who turn their own lives into an extraordinary journey!

The average person uses only 40% of their potential at most. Discover how MDWs tap on the other 60% potential and how you can do it too!

Make your life exciting and unleash the warrior in you! Join us for a powerful and inspirational talk!

| Fearless success | Influence outcomes | Control your destiny |

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Sat Apr 16, 2016
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Impact HUB, 128 Princep Street, S188655
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128 Princep Street Singapore
Modern Day Warriors