How to Find Your Entrepreneur X-Factor


When you look at successful startup founders and prominent entrepreneurs, you'll realised that they got this magical charisma, this magnetic attraction, this outstanding brilliance. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but sure enough, that X-Factor has resulted in their rapid growth, mega fund-raises, industry dominance and super stardom!

What do you think comes first though? Their mega success that resulted in their X-Factor, or their X-Factor that resulted in their mega success?

Chicken and egg, right? Not quite.

In 2012, two entrepreneurs and business coaches, Mike Handcock and Dave Rogers were pondering the same thing too. And they decided to go on a global search, a cross-border hunt for the answer. Over the span of 3 years, they visited entrepreneurs and startups in over 100 cities, met world-class mentors along the way, and uncovered the true story behind every business successes, and failures too.

And they found the answer to that Entrepreneur X Factor question, along with other amazing discoveries.

Now, you don't have to go trek around the world meeting hundred thousands of entrepreneurs to get the answer.

Success leaves a trail... so does cookies. Follow the path, and you'll get to enjoy the same, or even greater success. With the cookie.

Success leaves a trail... so does cookies. Follow the path, and you'll get to enjoy the same, or even greater success. With the cookie.

In this power-pack evening event, Dave will be sharing:

  • Why some people find their X-Factor so easily, while others never discovered theirs in their entire lifetime
  • How you can start finding your own X-Factor and claim your mark in the market
  • How to maximise your uniqueness and inject it into your business and your brand
  • Explore how you can leverage the trilogy of technology and the internet of things to Manage, Operate, Market and conduct transactions smoothly and seamlessly
  • How funding businesses and projects will be revolutionised by new ways of accessing capital
  • How to turn your passions into income and get known for them
  • What is the future of the single most important asset

A charismatic story-teller himself, Dave Rogers will link personal encounters and learning points he managed to teased out from his global hunt experience. As one of Asia's leading business coaches, Dave has personally coached over 2000 entrepreneurs around the world. A serial entrepreneur himself, Dave truly walks the talk, and is an advocate of practicality in business execution, clarity in business direction and flexibility in business strategies.

Hurry! Limited seats only, and you don't wanna miss this event!

See ya, and stay awesome (with your X-Factor)


Noob question. Are Anthony, Tony, Vivy and Vishen gonna be at the event?

Are you kidding me? They are coming? No lar, we are just mentioning them as examples of local entrepreneurs with tremendous X-Factor. Having said that, in the past we have surprise visits all the time at our events, so who knows, right? But as far as we know, they are not coming.

Looks really good, but I've got a question. Is this a preview to something else?

You catch on fast! Yes, we're not gonna lie to you, it is a preview. But just like how I wouldn't sell you a car without you test-driving first, this is the test-drive. My invitation is simple: come check out the event, learn massive stuff, and then decide for yourself if you want to take yourself and your business/startup to the next level.

Have you attended the program yourself?

Yup, and a couple of times too. Not just in Malaysia but also in Singapore. Every time I go back, I realised there are stuff that I had previously missed. You know how when you re-read a book at different stages of your life and you get different perspectives? It's exactly that.

Cool! How long have you know Dave?

Too long! Haha. Frankly, since I drop out from college in 2003, Dave had been there through my ups and downs, failures and (some) successes, coaching, mentoring and guiding me. Heck, if not for his push, I wouldn't had had the balls to start KICKSTART, which as you know, grew super crazily!

Nice! Wish I can learn that too. Think Dave is gonna share on community building and tribe building from different parts of the world? Since you did mention he travels a lot.

Sure, why not be the first to put a hand up and ask Dave personally. I'm sure he has much to share on that, and how it can be used to turbocharge your business. Fan and audience traction is the new thing is the growth hacking world, and glad that you brought that up.

What's this buy Dave a coffee thing I saw?

Well, since Dave is already flying in from Singapore for this event, which we know it's gonna be packed, we thought why not create a smaller, more intimate event only for a handful, where they can get speedcoaching with the man himself.

Kinda expensive for a coffee, no?

Coffee is cheap, it's the coaching, clarity and business consulting that's super valuable. Then again, it's not for everyone, so no obligations.

You're not trying to pull a reverse psychology move on me right, Mav?

No lar, please. If I do, it would have been more subtle. Kinda like how I got you reading this far...

But seriously, come for the coffee and coaching session with Dave only if you really want to invest your money and your time in yourself. I've been to numerous coaching sessions with Dave, and there's never once that I walk out regretting.

Ok, cool. I've gonna sign up for it. See you at the event Mav.

Stay awesome, yo!

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Thu Apr 7, 2016
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