Trading Fear - How the Heck do I Get Rid Of It? KL, Malaysia


Can’t sleep over an open trade? Getting frustrated over a losing trade? Failing to pull the trigger? Is trading affecting your daily routine… and indirectly affecting your relationship with your family?

Trading.. How the H*ck Do I Make This WORK?

Hi, My name is Alwin. I am a Trading Psychology Coach and www.TradeYourEdge.com is a growing community of traders who aspire to take control of their trading through Trading Psychology.

Whether you've heard of TYE (or not), let's chat about Trading Psychology and discuss how to make Trading work for you.


  • 7.50 pm Checking In
  • 8.00 pm Introduction to Trade Your Edge
  • 8.05 pm What Is Trading Psychology?
  • 8.15 pm Trading Fear – Is it a Symptom or a Root Cause?
  • 8.25 pm Trading Belief
  • 8.35 pm How the H*ck Do I Get Rid of It?
  • 8.45 pm Q&A
  • 8.55 pm Summary

Once you’ve registered, 2 questionnaires will be sent to you via email. While this is optional, this is a free coaching for you and it’ll be great if you can and send them back to me. I can start gearing the discussion to address any specific issues that you might have. Thank you. :)

If you've not heard about TYE, check out my site at www.TradeYourEdge.com.



Founder & Coach


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email me at alwinyp [at] gmail.com in case you have any questions in advance.

What do I need to attend?

You'll need the internet and have a webcam or microphone ready in case we need it (but it's not compulsory).

I have not Traded before, can I join?

Yes you can. However, traders who understand the hurdles already will benefit more from it.

I can't make it this round, can I join again?

Yes, just sign up for my newsletter here to find out when's the next session.

Mon Apr 4, 2016
7:50 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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No3, Jalan SS20/27, Petaling Jaya Malaysia
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