Intermediate Screenwriting (August 5 - August 19)

By popular request, ELFS Japan is happy to announce the release of an all-new online screenwriting course:

Screenwriting for the Intermediate Level!

Created for those confident with screenwriting fundamentals (basic formatting, character creation, 3-5 act structure) this three night online class delves into key elements intended to help students elevate an existing script, or to further hone their writing talents.

Each class features practical activities, discussions, and homework designed to support and encourage students in their screenwriting pursuits.

Topics covered include:
  • Intensive dialogue work
  • Efficient rewriting
  • Making your screenplay unique
  • High concept stories
  • Writing character accents
  • Honing arcs and scenes
  • Taking on feedback
Completion of ELFS Japan’s “Introduction to Screenwriting” is not required, though students who have completed the course, or who already have experience writing screenplays will benefit highly.

Class 1: Dialogue Essentials

Focusing solely on dialogue, this class will help students create realistic, natural dialogue that informs and entertains in equal measure.
  • Making fake words real
  • Famous scene breakdown
  • Crafting dialogue unique to the writer
  • Writing accents
  • Subtext: less is more

Class 2: Rewriting & Revising

Covering rewriting techniques, this class is dedicated to polishing scenes, characters and arcs by helping students revise and be ruthless with their own material.
  • Notes from team members and what to do
  • Essential editing
  • 4 page to 2 page scenes
  • Three questions to ask of every scene

Class 3: Creating YOUR Story

In this final class, students will be tasked with defining what makes their screenplay unique, and how best to showcase it.
  • Same but different stories
  • Creating your unique vision
  • Audience trends
  • High concept stories
  • Crafting a killer spec script
Voluntary homework will be provided after each class.
Wed Aug 5, 2020
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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