2016 Spring Full Moon Universal Meditation



Spring Equinox is in just and the new energies are blossoming. Many of you would have felt the torrent of energies pulsating the past few days. Some currents were wild and frenzy surfacing some dischords, disharmony and short bursts of temper. The fire energies of 2016 are just flaring it’s flames and it’s time to check in with self.

Meditation is non religious. It’s just a time for us to be with ourselves and gift to make us a priority. This time of rejuvenation happens when we become still and connect with the earth and universe, we can then hear our own inner voice. The guiding light and wisdom that has always been within us sometimes, gets overthrown with distractions, outer noise, activities and responsibilities. When we give ourselves this gift of mindfulness, we become again align to our inner wisdom, that shares a chord with the universal wisdom.

A recent issue of Time magazine on Longevity, studies by Professor Elissa Epel of University of California, San Francisco revealed that mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and prevent people from ruminating in negative emotions and some forms of meditation practice may even slow the biological signs of aging by stabilising telemores, protective caps of our DNA chromosomes.

Meditation is an amazing tool for relaxation, soothing and healing the body and calming the mind, easing anxiety and stress. Meditation has many health benefits including; helping to regulate mood and anxiety disorders, reduce symptoms of panic disorder and depression, improvement in information processing, and helps decision making, clarity and emotional intelligence just to mention a few.

Meditation trains the mind and body to listen to our soul, allowing spiritual growth and understanding in developing compassion and love.

In this March Full Moon Meditation, we will work with Universal Energies, connecting with Mother Earth to dispel issues of dischord, disharmony, doubts or fears that may have arisen these past weeks and to renew with enveloping love, joy and abundance energies.

It’s about getting out of our own way, finding our own voice, and cultivating a more impersonal outlook on the present circumstances, dissolving the doubts and fears that cloud our inner lucidity. We might feel like something is pushing us outside the fold, urging us to realize that we deserve an unique destiny, because each one of us is unique and, and, as such, each one of us is an irreplaceable tessera in the manifold mosaic of humanity.

If you find yourself craving company and gravitating towards likeminded Souls under this Spring Full Moon, it’s the sign that deep down you are driven by the will to join with those people who are likewise building the future you strive for.

This session will be held on :-

Date:- Wednesday, Mar 23rd

Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm


Amore Lifestyle Events Space

39, Jalan Taman Seputeh (Near Mid Valley)

Taman Seputeh

58000 Kuala Lumpur


Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw2839zdhz

Token in gratitude:-RM65

Early Registrations will be required to facilitate food preparation. Light refreshments will be served. Limited seats

For more info, connect with Adelena at +6017.73.183.49 or amore.marketing@yahoo.com. See you there!

Wed Mar 23, 2016
7:10 PM - 9:30 PM MYT
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Amore Lifestyle Events Space
Venue Address
39, Jalan Taman Seputeh, 58000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
5 mins walk from Commuter Midvalley.
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