Workshop: Difficult Conversations in a Global Context

Attention HR professionals:

Having tough conversations in the workplace – about performance, resource allocation, timelines, or even interpersonal conflict – are inevitable. When not handled correctly especially in a global and virtual environment, the costs can be high.

The “Difficult Conversations in a Global Context” workshop is based on the approach outlined in the best-selling book “Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most”. The tools and approaches developed by Vantage Partners help clients to better communicate, negotiate, influence and manage their key alliance, supplier, customer and internal relationships. The program has been adapted to make it particularly relevant to Japanese businesspeople that need to effectively manage global relationships.

The introductory workshop will be led by visiting expert Vinay Kumar, CPF, Director of C2C-OD and is intended for HR professionals.

Delivered in English with minimal Japanese language support.

Training objectives

  • Reflect on and test assumptions about the most effective ways to communicate with others to get the desired results
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of raising a difficult issue and a systematic way to prepare should one choose to raise that issue
  • Productively manage conflict as it arises, and see conflict not as a liability, but as a catalyst to creativity
  • Diagnose unproductive thinking and strategize about how to change it
  • Lead the way to creating mutual understanding and get past communication breakdowns that cause conflict and damage relationships
  • Gain a firm operational grasp of tools and skills to have improved, productive conversations


本ワークショップのファシリテートは、インドConcept2Compentance社のViney Kumar, CPFがリードします。(日本人ファシリテーターが付きますが、原則英語での実施になります)



  • 私たちは、望ましい結果を得ようと他者とコミュニケーションを取る際に、どのような思い込みを持っているか、それが正しいかどうか検証する。 

  • 困難な問題を会話に取り上げることのメリットデメリットを考慮した上で、その会話に臨む際はどうすればいいか、構造的に準備できるようになる。 

  • 対立をネガティブに捉えるのではなく、創造のためのきっかけと捉え、対立が起きた際に、建設的に対処することができるようになる。 

  • 非生産的な思考パターンを見つけ、それを変えるための戦略的アプローチができるようになる。

  • 相互理解を進め、関係性を壊すようなコミュニケーションパターンを修復することができるようになる。 

  • より良い、建設的なコミュニケーションのための、手法やスキルを習得する。 

Thu Jun 2, 2016
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM JST
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2-5-1, Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo Japan
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