Introduction to Kallitype Printing Session 2

About the Workshop
The Kallitype is a hand-coated contact printing process and is the perfect photographic process for those who want to make archival prints with great tonal quality.

In this workshop, participants will learn about
  • the chemicals required for coating and processing
  • Coating the art paper
  • Exposing and developing the print
Each participant will bring back his/her own 5x7 inches print.
Participants can bring their large format or digital negatives (4x5 inches) to class.

Complimentary Digital Negative Conversion
If you need help to convert your digital photo to a digital negative, please send ONE photo to ourworkshopsg@gmail.com

All workshop fees include material costs and are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

About the Instructor

Cheng is deeply intrigued by photographic processes that were practised in the late 1800s where each handcrafted print is different. When free, he can be found shooting wetplate photographs or exposing his prints under the sun.

Sun Apr 17, 2016
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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Millenia Walk
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Millenia Walk Singapore
Handcrafted Photographic Prints