A Word On The Art Of Transitioning In Essays

In essay writing, you are always moving from one part or idea to the next. Though an online essay writer can help you in how to induce transition flows into your essays, it is still important for you to master the art of transition. Even in a well-structured essay where the user can identify different parts of the writing, transitioning between these parts is important.

Many essay writers do the hard work of brainstorming, writing, and collecting the right evidence. But still fails to come up with a smooth and powerful essay because of a lack of know-how about transitioning.

Types of transitions
There are two types of transitioning in an essay:

The transition between paragraphs: Transition that doesn’t depend much on transition words but the flow of information or logic.
The transition within paragraphs: Transition that is done using transition words, connecting one part to another.

Transitioning works as a navigational guide for the readers. Some transitions use essay writing service while others use the flow of logic to get from one idea to the next.

Transition and the parts of an essay

When talking about transitions, one should know about the parts and the structure of the essay. From the Introduction to the Conclusion, each part of write my essay has many subs parts. Each part has to be connected with either a sentence-level transition or one that is between parts.

A schema of the use of transitions in relation to the parts of the essay:

The essay hook
(Sentence level transition)

A brief introduction to the subject
(Sentence level transition)

The Thesis Statement
(Transition between parts)

Body Paragraph
Topic Sentence
(Sentence level transition)

Idea or Argument
(Sentence level transition)

Supporting details
(Sentence level transition)

Warrant (paragraph conclusion)

(Transition between parts)

Restating the thesis in light of the main points
(Sentence level transition)

Final word or call for action

Transition examples

Sentence Level Transitions: The transition that takes the thought forward through various essay writing sentence parts. Whether its to transition to showing examples and evidence in the body paragraphs or concluding the topic sentences in light of the thesis in the conclusion.

These are the transition words responsible for the sentence-level transition:

Compare: Other than than, also, In comparison to
Contrast: Contrary to, whereas, although, meanwhile
Emphasize: More importantly, in the face, as a matter of fact
Lead on (Sequential or in time): Additionally, moreover, leading to, furthermore, as a result of which, soon after, previously
Show examples: For example, for instance
Conclude: In conclusion, Summing up, At the end

Paragraph Level Transitions: These transitions seldom use words to show the connection. Sometimes, however, ‘ Firstly, secondly, Lastly’ type of pattern is used to show the transition. But, with advanced writing these words are unnecessary.

The paragraph-level transition is best pulled off when each and every idea is connected to the topic sentence and the thesis. The flow of ideas from general to the specific is also a good way to transition between the paragraphs, more so if a small conclusion is placed at the end of each paragraph.

As you move further to more advanced college essay writing, you will get to practice more complex issues and topics. It is then that the use of transition is most highlighted. With enough practice, you will be able to step away from the conventional transition words and show transition through the flow of logic and the idea through the sentences alone.

A good way to improve is to check for the flow of information during the editing phase. But always be careful not to overcrowd a passage with lots of transitions.

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