Prototyping Bootcamp: Minimum Lovable Products


Full-day workshop for product teams and product owners on designing the WOW!

*** In this workshop you will learn: ***

  • Why to build something a small amount of people really loves instead of something a lot of people like
  • How to identify the must-have features for the initial product launch
  • How to focus your team on really learning from the user

*** Why this matters? ***

Designing great products is hard. Still to this day too many teams end up building something nobody wants. After months, often years, of hard work a product is launched.

And then what? The user doesn’t get hooked, abandons the product and never comes back.

The team, often still hopeful at this point, slowly realizes any money spent on customer acquisition won’t solve the issue of users leaving them. Growth turns negative, things turn sour.

How can such classical pitfalls of missed product/market-fit be avoided?

The design team at Japanese/German UI Design firm Goodpatch has developed their own design process around building what they call Minimum Lovable Products - something a small amount of people really loves. This workshop is designed to help you build your MLP.

*** Goal ***
Together we will answer the most important questions for your product/idea:

  • WHY does this product need to exist?...
  • WHO is the HUMAN who will use it?...
  • HOW does it work exactly?

*** Best for who? ***
Product teams and product owners

*** About the speaker: ***

Boris Milkowski leads the design team at Goodpatch Berlin. As one of the early members of Goodpatch in Tokyo he helped grow the team to a size of 90 designers and developers. In 2014 Boris and his team have launched the prototyping tool Prott. In May 2015 he moved back to Germany after 3 years in Tokyo to open the Berlin Studio. 

Before joining Goodpatch, Boris helped run Stanford University’s joint Master’s program ME310 with University of St.Gallen. He worked with students and corporate teams to innovate at companies such as Audi, SAP, and Deutsche Bank.

Boris holds a Master’s degree in Media Design from Keio University, Japan and a CEMS Master’s degree in International Management from University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.

*** About the Goodpatch ***

***Goodpatch is a UI design company with studios in Tokyo and Berlin, pushing the world forward with design that moves people’s hearts. Founded in 2011, Goodpatch since has released more then 30 native apps on iOS and Android proving the power of great design.

Next to its agency biz Goodpatch has also developed in-house products such as Prott, a prototyping tool for design team, or Updraft, a tool for QA-ing beta apps.

Made in NY Media Center members should email the team at community@nymediacneter.com to get a discount code for this event.

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Sat Apr 23, 2016
10:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST
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