Presentations can win an organization a big deal and influence decision-makers or watch that slide through your hands.
Come join us to explore the various areas of persuasion beyond just a standard prepared presentation and become a master presenter while winning over your audiences

  • Project voice with impact and clarity to foster audience attention and emotional engagement
  • Develop total confidence by positive self-programming and elimination of stage fright.
  • Understand the components of a presentation and design them according to the target audience.
  • Use a simple and straight to the point framework to present ideas and create interest within the first 5 minutes of a presentation.
  • Manage awkward and difficult situations during the presentation with confidence.
  • Handle objections, rejections and difficult conversations tactfully and turn them into opportunities.


MODULE 1: Preparing the Presenter
  • Eliminating fear of PresentingThe first 90 seconds of a presentation.
    • Mental Techniques to eliminate nervousness
    • Physical de-stressing techniques before presenting
  • Creating instant rapport and an aura of confidence in the first 5 minutes.
    • Crucial information to set the tone and create credibility.
    • Encouraging participation to maintain interest.
    • Creating a friendly environment for healthy dialogue.
    • Using language to influence to get buy in.
MODULE 2: Steps in Preparing a Presentation
  • Planning and organizing ideas.
    • Using Mind-Maps to organize ideas and information
    • Must Know, Should Know, Nice to Know for content management
    • Developing clear objectives that trigger curiosity and interest
  • Assessing the audience.
    • Preparing for a specific target group via the audience checklist
    • Assessing your audience thinking preference
    • Gauging audience attention and energy
  • The Strategy to Convince quickly.
    • The presentation format overview
    • Creating a memorable opening
    • Using the MINTO Pyramid to convince
  • Using the SCQA model to hit a home run presentationSummary and Conclusion
MODULE 3: Preparing the Slides and Presenting as a Group
  • Do’s and don’ts for slides
  • Preparation of Slides in Breakout Rooms and Discussion of Group Presentation
  • Group Presentation and Feedback Session
MODULE 4: Effective Delivery
  • Managing the audience.
    1. Managing questions
      • Hostile questions
      • Multiple questions
      • Out of scope questions
      • “Stupid questions”
      • Questions you don’t have the answers to
    2. Handling a difficult audience
      • The know-it all
      • The bull-dozer
      • The skeptic
      • The silent killer
      • The joker
    3. Managing answers and an awkward silence
  • Mechanics of effective delivery.
    • Organizing points for better absorption
    • Leveraging on the audience and their experience to your advantage
    • Using analogies, anecdotes, facts and humour where possible
    • Creating presence to maintain attention and energy and stay in control of the presentation and avoid being hijacked by the audience.
MODULE 5: Individual Presentation
  • Individual presentation and Feedback Session


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