Is AI Relevant to Your Data Strategy?

AI and data solutions are two topics we have been hearing about non-stop, especially in the banking sector. In recent years, we have seen a serious shift to digitization in banking. This has only been accelerated by Covid-19. With Covid -19’s impact on the global economy, the banking industry, often thought of as “offline”, has realized the need for accelerating “digital transformation”. However,digital transformation in general (and in its slower form) has been around for many decades. We have observed many traps and mistakes in the past.

This webinar will discuss a key takeaway from the last three decades, on how transforming digitally without a data strategy can take an organization down some very bad outcomes and damages the customer relationship. Organizations have the opportunity to leverage AI in unlimited ways, including building chat bots, targeting services to customers, and evaluating product relevance for customers.

Join us for this interactive hour of discussion with Dr. Usama Fayyad, founder and CEO of Open Insights, and Shailesh Grover, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer of Hong Leong Bank, moderated by Eduardo Gonzalez, Vice President Engineering of SkyMind Tokyo.

The panelists will share their expertise, learning, best practices, and insight on ensuring a digital transformation is AI-enabled.

●The importance of AI and machine learning, including how you should think about AI and its relevance to your business

●How data is critical for AI to work - generally speaking the only parts of AI that work in pragmatic settings require high quality data for Machine Learning

●Why big data is essential to digital transformation and banking in the post-Covid world

●How Big Data is becoming very relevant to every company -- big and small

●Why the requirement for real-time data streaming and analysis is stronger than ever

●How to best fit the benefits of advanced analytics within the modern technology stack

●Case studies in baking showing the challenges and opportunities for digitization and artificial intelligence
Fri Jul 17, 2020
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM MYT
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