Shibuya Toastmasters Club

The meeting of the Shibuya Toastmasters Club will be held on 15th July 2020.
(+Online; hybrid meeting!!)

This meeting will follow the standard Toastmasters agenda.
The draft timetable is below.

1. Opening
2. Prepared presentation
3. Table Topics
4. Evaluation
5. Award Session
6. Closing

Drinking party will be held after the regular meeting. Everyone can join if you like.
We are looking forward to meeting you there!

■What is Shibuya TMC? 渋谷トーストマスターズはこんなクラブです
”Can you improve without teachers?”

At Toastmasters, we have no teachers. Instead, we have knowledgeable, passionate and
dedicated members, who create an environment where you can take risks, make mistakes and get encouraging, but honest feedback.


We learn by doing. We learn through peer evaluation. We learn through honest feedback.


In this kind of environment, the right team is very important. Shibuya TMC offers the right time for your professional development.


Shibuya TMC team values Diversity.


You can experience expert facilitation because Shibuya TMC’s members are from a wide range of professional backgrounds, nationalities, and gender. The average length of membership is about 3 years, which means that the pool of experienced speakers is deep and the quality of the evaluation is high.
We complement each other perfectly. We build upon each other’s strengths.


You can improve your English as all meetings and all club business are conducted in English.


Shibuya TMC is Development.


Most people come to conquer a fear of speaking, to improve their English or to polish their public skills. What they find is a supportive atmosphere, with a group of people with no other aim than to improve and help each other to become better speakers and better leaders.


The Toastmasters program provides 13 different Pathways of increasingly challenging speaking projects that you can move through at your own pace. The Shibuya TMC team provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to prepare for and carry out each project, and also to nudge you on to your next challenge. One of most rewarding parts of Shibuya Toastmasters is watching members who were so nervous that they barely made it through their first speech, get up in front of an audience of more than 800 people and give a brilliant contest speech.


Shibuya TMC is Dynamic.


“The word the best describes Shibuya TMC is ‘game’ Game? Shibuya TMC is a place to show and grow your skills with enjoyment. It is like playing soccer, a card game or a video game. It is sometimes difficult, but I can enjoy the excitement. It is fruitful.” Hiroyuki Kusumi, former President of Shibuya TMC.

と思いましたか?渋谷TMCは自分のスキルを楽しみながら人に見せ、伸ばすところなんです。サッカーをプレーするように、トランプやビデオゲームを楽しむように。時には困難を伴いますが、わくわくするような楽しさを味わえるのです。実に有意義なんです」(渋谷TMC前プレジデント ヒロユキ・クスミ)

Shibuya TMC is leadership. Good leadership requires good communication and good people skills. Shibuya TMC is where you discover your voice. When you reach the point where you know that you can keep silent in that meeting anymore – it’s either speak up or die! That is the moment you become a leader. That is the moment when you realize that all eyes are looking at you to speak for them.


December 2019
2019年 12月

​This text was originally written by Paul Malone based on the club internal survey for the Shibuya TMC members.

Shibuya Toastmasters Club, Yuji Asai
Wed Jul 15, 2020
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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