GetDoc's Hospice Pledge


Do something good for somebody today – only 2 simple steps!

Ever felt like you want to do something good for somebody but don’t know how? Here’s how you can help us at NO COST at all! All you need is 5 minutes.

We at GetDoc are currently pledging to donate RM 0.50 for every download and registered user we get on our application! I’m pretty sure you are CURIOUS of what we’re doing so let’s do a little briefing:

1. WHERE is the money going to?

All the money raised will be donated to the Malaysian Hospice Council, which is in charge of conducting palliative care. The money will be used to fund medication as well as daily amenities.

2. WHO is Hospice?

Hospice is a medical organisation/facility that provides palliative care services.

3. WHAT is palliative care?

Palliative care is a medical care given to patients whose diseases no longer respond to curable treatments. Their diseases limit and threaten their lives. Palliative care doesn’t cure the disease but instead make the final moments of these patients more pleasant.

4. WHY should I donate?

The palliative care is a form of healthcare given to patients with terminal diseases for FREE OF CHARGE. Since they do not charge the patients in any way, the money has to come from somewhere. The more people who participate in this event, the more funding they will get to help out! Be a hero for somebody! Every cent matters!

5. WHO is GetDoc?

GetDoc is a medical technology company that provides a platform for patients to be able to search and book appropriate doctors to help treat their problems using either only a smartphone or a website. GetDoc has a mission to enrich the healthcare experience and due to the founder whom has benefited on palliative care previously, we want to spread awareness on this cause because not many people know about palliative care!

6. I’m interested, HOW can I help?

Step 1: Just register yourself for the event we will e-mail you with the instructions for Step 2.

Remember, you are making someone else’s lives better through participating in this event. You might feel that your one teeny contribution wouldn’t make much difference but it does as it accumulates. Get your friends to join the cause as well!

Mar 10 - Apr 1, 2016
[ Thu ] - [ Fri ]
12:00 AM - 11:00 PM MYT
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You don't actually need an address! Just a smartphone and the will to change someone else's life!
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