Water Can Undermine Your Health


Shocking isn't it? Water, in certain cases, can undermine our health.

It's not just necessary to consume sufficient water. Have we ever considered the QUALITY of the water we drink?

Portable water coming out from our taps does not mean that it is free from contaminants.

Think about the water from the reservoirs travelling through the pipes to your home. Those pipes must be, depending on where you stay, upwards to 40 years old by now. What about the corrosion etc? These contaminants seep into the water we drink.

Does boiling the water remove these contaminants? If you have inorganic iron (rust) in the water, is it still there after its boiled?

We sometimes forget, in our hurry to study about proper diet, to examine this issue of water. Water is the delivery system of all our nutrients and make up about 70% of the body - the constitution of our blood, our cells etc.. Imagine how hard the kidneys have to work in order to cleanse the water from contaminants! This is probably one of the reasons why it is no wonder the number of dialysis centers in Singapore is set to increase.

I had my water tested a year ago and the results were quite dire, even though I do not live near the industrial estate.

The quality of the water also depends on where you stay. eg. Jurong's 'drinking' water is known to be more contaminated than say, Bukit Merah's. When you come for this talk, you can bring your water and request to have it tested. It should be the water you usually drink, whether it's boiled, filtered or purified.

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