Literally Speaking: What Are The Boundaries?

What role does literature play in Singapore society? What literary texts might we usefully study and read? What questions do they help us ask about ourselves and the social world in which we live? In this series of discussions, The Select Centre brings together educators who work in different settings and in different languages to explore aspects of literature they have found central to teaching and learning. In doing so, we will debate the ongoing importance of literature and the literary in Singapore’s changing society.

Join us at our three panels as we mull over Why Study Literature? (March 15), What Are The Boundaries? (April 14), and What Should We Teach? (May 12). The sessions will be moderated by Philip Holden.

Literally Speaking is organised by The Select Centre, in collaboration with Philip Holden.

Admission is free! Donations at the door are welcome. Select is a nonprofit. Please support us and our programmes!


How should we frame our study of literature? Should we attempt to imagine a national tradition, or move beyond the nation through a stress either on the diversity of world literature, or a conscious breaking of cultural boundaries? Our panelists will stir the pot.

From L-R: Philip Holden, Loh Chin Ee, Suzanne Choo, Zhou Decheng

The speakers and their topics are:

Loh Chin Ee - Reimagining Singapore through a National Canon/Curriculum

Suzanne Choo - Cosmopolitanizing Literature Education in Singapore: Rethinking Why and How We Teach Literature

Zhou Decheng - Zoo as Metaphor: The Paradigm Shift from a Singapore "Chinese Literature" to "Literature in Chinese" Education in the Global Asian Sinophone

For more information, please visit: www.selectcentre.org
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Thu Apr 14, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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