Online TANQ “Marine Life” in English (7/2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 8/6, every Thursday from 8:00 and from 19:00 Japan time) / オンライン探究【海洋生物編 in English】(7/2,9,16,23,30,8/6 日本時間 毎週木曜8時-,19時-)


“Sowing the Seeds of Wonder and Emotion”
Home exploration content to encounter “Marine Life” in a new way for children to be absorbed into learning.
〜Online TANQ < “Marine Life” in English>〜


〜オンライン探究<海洋生物編 in English>〜


【TANQ Gakusha’s “Online TANQ”】

“Fully original LIVE exploration lessons,” “engaging Quests for children to carry out spontaneously,” “high interactivity”

These traits will ignite curiosity into children’s hearts, guiding them to continuous innovation. Our service works as the platform to grow their wonder and explore these curiosities by themselves.

Live lesson, where we will be able to see everyone’s faces
Participating in quizzes during the lesson, in real life
Missions which deepens wonder, where children can explore them spontaneously.

We will be holding our very own original interactive lessons to stimulate children to explore their curiosity instinctively!

Here is a brief preview video of what we do (from the lesson on “The History of Mathematics”)






【Event Summary】

■Date and Time: Every Thursday for 6 weeks from the 2nd of July.
 *Date: 7/2, 9, 16,23, 30, 8/6
 *Time: 8:00 – 9:00 / 19:00 – 20:00 (Japan time) please pick 1 timeslot from the above
 *If you cannot attend some days, do not worry, the class will be recorded!
■Teacher: Ryan Butac
■Language: English
■Where: Online platform, ZOOM
1. PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. Anything that can connect to the internet
2. Stable internet connection
■Capacity: MAX 500 families (if one child decides to join, the second child or more may join for free)
■Price: 10,000 JPY (tax included)
*Refund possible up to 5days from the first class.
*Deadline for application: June 30th, 2020 (Tuesday) 23:59

■日時:7/2からの毎週木曜日 にライブ授業を配信(全6回)
*参加時間:8:00-9:00 / 19:00-20:00(日本時間)のいずれかを選択ください

【What do we explore in “Marine Life”?】

The sea is called the "Mother of the Sea." This is nature's paradise, where 90% of the earth's living things exist. However, this life under the sea is the survival of the fittest! Once living creatures are born, they are fighting to survive. For most of us, it is not the type of life that we could ever imagine, fighting for our lives. In our "Marine Life" edition, we will see all of the life forms that marine life has to offer while exploring the love of marine mechanisms not yet discovered! Here are some questions to consider before the lesson!

・A squid as a ninja?! What is the mystery behind their defense mechanism?
・What are the extraordinary weapons of fish lurking in the deep sea?!
・Why are salmons colored the way they are?
・An octopus's mother's love is more than those of humans?!



・イカは忍者だった?! 身を守るための秘密とは?
・タコのお母さんの愛は人間以上?! 涙の産卵物語り。

【How do we explore?】

During the 6 days, we will carry out LIVE lessons, and introduce Quests which each child can initiate to explore and accomplish!

ーWhat is a Quest System / #myTANQ?
Quest is an exploration task that we provide for children, making them want to carry them out on their own! We will present a variety of Quests and fully support the experience of doing what a child finds interest in.
Our goal is to support these experiences by providing lessons that elevate curiosity in one’s heart and Quests that stimulates one’s desire to know!

ーOur member’s #myTANQ, photos below!



【Our 2 beneficial services】

(1)Recording of the lessons
We will record every lesson and post them on a private YouTube channel, where you will receive an URL by mail.
Those videos can be played more than once (within a specific period).

(2)Refund possible up to 5days from the first class.
Once we start the lessons, you will have the chance to experience our lessons and Quest Systems. If continuation seems complicated after the first week, due to bad network service, or it does not fit to your child, you will be able to receive a full refund under the condition written below.

Application for a full refund system will be accepted until July 7th (Tuesday)
Application for a full refund system will only be accepted through a designated form. Phone calls will not be accepted.
This will only apply to those who have signed up for this course after June 2020.





【Message from Ryan Butac】

Ryan’s lessons have a sense of “enjoyment” rather than just “learning”. Many of us have had this experience once or twice in their lifetime having the tendency to forget the knowledge we learn right after studying textbooks for hours and hours. However, we never seem to forget the experience of something fun when spent with friends. When our minds are able to wander freely our creativity senses come to recognize numerous realizations. So, LET’S ignite those inquisitive minds together in a class with endless curiosity!



Q. Will online classes really ignite curiosity?

A. Yes. As a result of optimizing teaching methods and teaching materials for home use, in the previous Online Space Edition, I saw many children reading Galileo's biography, making a telescope on their own, summarizing black holes in articles, and voluntarily explore. According to the most recent data, 97.1% of the participants answered that they would like to take the next course, indicating that they are enthusiastic about their inquiry.
(2019 6/15-7/20 "Online Space Edition" survey: 239 replies)

Q. What is the target age? Will a child be able to follow without any basic knowledge?

A. No problem, what so ever! The target audience is from 6 to 14-year-olds. For children under the age of 10 are recommended to participate with their parents. Not only for higher learning efficiency but also to share new findings with one another. We received several comments from parents who found excitement in seeing their children's curiosity switch turn on!

Q. As a parent, I am not sure if I can attend the lesson every week.

A. Although we recommend parents to participate together, it is not mandatory. On days you cannot attend, we recommend you to ask your children questions, such as what they thought of the lesson. Furthermore, we will upload the recording of the lesson, which can be viewed after the lesson.

Q. What is the difference between the “TANQ Special”, which is done face-to-face offline?

A. What we teach in the lesson is mostly the same. We will not have group activities like the one we had in the offline classes. However, by contributing to the Quests, one will be able to participate positively.

Q. What is the best condition to take part in?

1. The best condition is to have two devices, one laptop for participating in ZOOM, and another tablet or smartphone for answering real-time quizzes.
For an even genuine experience, try connecting the screen to your TV and mirror the video and audio, and have the phone that is connected to the quiz in your hands. You can try mirroring with the use of Google Cast, Apple TV, or HDMI cable. Furthermore, for a better internet connection, we suggest you use a wired LAN cable.

2. We have also received positive feedback on parents and family accompanying their children's class: siblings working on a Quest together, discussing the topic within the family, deepening the family's bond, increasing communication with one another, etc. Thus, we recommend you to participate in our exploration together with your child!

Q. I am not confident in operating computers.

A. We will send you a link to the ZOOM, to the email you have written in the Google form, before the lesson starts. You will be able to join the class by simply clicking on that URL when it is time for the lesson. For more information, watch the videos below. You won't believe how simple it is!
We have shown how to participate in detail in the video, but if you are still not able to connect, you will be sure to give you a full refund.
<Those of you who will be participating on a PC>
<Those of you who will be participating on a tablet>

Q. I can only prepare one computer or one smartphone. Will I still be able to participate?

A. You will be able to participate in the LIVE lessons if you have one or the other. Quizzes can be joined on the same device as well but from a different server. Many students do this, as well!

Q. I would like to allow both of my children to participate. How should I apply for this course?

A. Our application system is one application per family. Thus, by applying for one, the whole of your family will be able to join! However, if each of the participants wants to join the quizzes, they would each need their own device to do so.


Q. 本当にオンラインでも心に火がつくのでしょうか。

A. はい。授業方法や教材を自宅向けに最適化した結果、前回のオンライン宇宙編では、ガリレオの伝記を読み出したり、自作の望遠鏡を作ってみたり、ブラックホールについて模造紙にまとめたりと、自主的に探究する子どもの姿が見られました。直近のデータでは、受講者のなんと97.1%※が「次も受講したい」と回答しており、探究に夢中になっている様子が窺えます。
※2019 6/15-7/20「オンライン探究宇宙編」(アンケート回答者239名)

Q. 対象年齢はいくつでしょうか。基礎のない子どもでもついていけますか?

A. 問題ありません。対象は小学生、中学生です。10歳以下のお子様は、親御様といっしょの参加を推奨しています。これは学習効率のアップだけでなく、親子で学びを共有することや、お子様の好奇心のスイッチが入る瞬間を見られることが、大変ご好評なためです。

Q. 忙しくて、毎週の授業を受けられる自信がありません。

A. 親子での受講を推奨しておりますが、強制ではありません。お子様のみで受講される日は、受講後に感想を聞いてあげるなどのフォローが効果的です。また、授業後に授業の録画動画もお送りするので、不参加時や復習にお使いいただけます。

Q. 教室で行われる探究スペシャルの内容とどう違いますか?

A. 授業でお伝えする内容自体は、基本的に同じです。教室で行っているグループアクティビティはありませんが、ミッションに参加することで、積極的な参加・体験ができ、大変高い満足度をいただいています。

Q. オンライン探究へのオススメの推奨環境を教えてください。

A. ①<オンライン授業視聴用のPC>と<クイズ解答用のスマートフォン(又はタブレット)>の2台のご用意がオススメです。



Q. PC操作が苦手ですが、私でも簡単に接続できますか?

A. 申し込みフォームにご記入いただいたメールアドレスに、授業開始前にオンラインシステム(Zoom)に参加するためのURLをご連絡いたします。そのURLをクリックすれば、当日授業に参加できます。詳しくは下記の動画でご確認ください。驚くほどカンタンです!





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