TEDxYouth@HKIS (Session 1)

Our theme is “Exploring Change”. Speakers will talk about education, communication, lifestyle, and the arts. These talks are about changing the attitude and perspective of students in the face of daily struggles and challenges, or changing aspects of their lifestyles. The talks will inspire students to look beyond the typical “school, homework, sleep” cycle that is a problem at our school. This idea of “change” will hopefully shows students about the many other aspects of life, change their perspective on how to approach problems, or inspire them to change something in their lives.

Our Speakers for this event include:

Josh Levy:
‘Us’ - A Generation of Apathy
HKIS Student Class of 2016

Gulnar Vaswani:
Gulnar specializes in supporting individuals and organizations put their best foot forward. She is a seasoned executive coach, facilitator, and group dynamics specialist who focuses on these main areas of training: Inclusion & Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Cross Cultural Leadership Effectiveness.

Dee Cheung:
Meditation and Lifestyle
Cocreator of SUP Yoga (Yoga on paddleboards), Float On HK (HK's first sensory deprivation center in Floatation tanks, and Whoppee Club (concious global groovement via festive "whole" - istic heartbeat and smile driven events in HK). She'll be sharing about her experience with yoga and meditation and how that can lead to a change in lifestyle.

Kevin Poon:
An HKIS alum, now an entrepreneur, fashion designer, event organizer, and blogger. He organized HK's famous Blohk Party and has worked with stars such as Pharrell Williams and A.S.A.P Rocky. He opened a coffee shop (Elephant Grounds), an international retailer with outlets all around Asia, and a concept store that sells oddities and collectible goods. He will share his experience with change and let us in on some of the insights he has regarding change.

Jeff Hao
Learn Hao to Play Piano in 10 minutes.
At age of 40, Jeff, the oil company executive, tried to learn to play a small song on the Casio keyboard that he bought for his children. He quickly went on to play many original works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Elton John, Billy Joe, John Lennon, and Jay Chou … all because he built a notation system that anyone can read immediately. The patented Hao Staff (named after him and referenced against the traditional Grand Staff music notation) is now already used by thousands of people. That number is expected to grow into tens of millions in the near future, and hopefully, will teach people around the world how to play the piano in a matter of minutes.
Fri Apr 8, 2016
4:20 PM - 6:00 PM HKT
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Hong Kong International School Black Box Theatre
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1 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam Hong Kong