グランプリ・東京2016 / Grand Prix Tokyo 2016







This is about registrations (online registrations) for the MTG Grand Prix Tokyo 2016 main tournament, held on the 7th and 8th of May, 2016.
Please check special site (http://www.arclight.co.jp/mtg/en/gptokyo2016/) for more information on events.

For registration, click on the "GET TICKET" button that you can find on the right side.

* Registration fees can be paid by credit card or Paypal.
(If you live in Japan, by using the Japanese version of this page, it can be paid by convenience store / ATM.)
* The deadline is before noon (12 o' clock (JST)) April 28th.
* Registering will require your name, country, address, phone number, email address and DCI number. (For a sleep-in special, you'll also need your number of byes, and information on how you earned them).

* When applying, you will need a Peatix account, or a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

* You can only buy 1 ticket for each type per session.
* You can only apply for either "registration" or "registration + sleep-in special". The system does allow you to select both, but in reality, you can't apply for both. Please select only one.
* You can apply for the extra services even if you don't participate in the tournament and don't pre-register a ticket. Just fill in only the extra services you want. また逆に、本戦参加権利は付属していません。本戦に参加される場合、事前受付をお申し込みください。
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May 6 - May 8, 2016
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM JST
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事前受付/Registration SOLD OUT ¥7,000
事前受付+スリープイン/Registration + sleep-in special SOLD OUT ¥10,000
追加スリープイン/Add sleep-in special SOLD OUT ¥3,000
(ex.)VIPサービス(5/6)/VIP service (May 6th) SOLD OUT ¥15,000
(ex.)VIPサービス(5/7)/VIP service (May 7th) SOLD OUT ¥15,000
(ex.)VIPサービス(5/8)/VIP service (May 8th) SOLD OUT ¥15,000
Venue Address
〒135-0063 東京都江東区有明3-11-1 Japan
Hobby Station