FREE ADMISSION - 2016 Let's be Rich & Successful Seminar by Marinah Numerology. Boost your Career & Money in 2016


Let’s 2016 be your BEST year !! Would you prefer GOOD LUCK & SMOOTH LIFE in 2016?

Numerology Enhancement Seminar to analyse your NAMES & NUMBERS by Marinah Numerologist to improve what you needed most, money, business, love as well as health. You know what you need to improve 2016 year ahead.


Venue : Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre Subang
Date : 20th March 2016, Sunday
Time : 930 am to 2 pm

Seminar Outline :

1. What does your life path number say about you & your future

2. Learn how to calculate your life path number
3. Discover your hidden talents, inner skills and inborn abilities
4. Explore how Names Numerology & Powerful Numbers can attract ABUNDANCE, WEALTH, LOVE, HAPPINESS & SUCCESS LUCK to your life
5. Identify your strengths and weaknesses! With this knowledge you can achieve almost anything you desire!
6. Do you know your Business Card reveals your sales luck, networking, opportunity and growth? Get your business card analysis by Marinah Numerologist
7. Improve your fortune now! Watch your luck soar high and good things start happening more often once you know your MISSING numbers based on your date of birth

8. Understanding of why your handphone numbers, house or business unit numbers can bring obstacles to your career, business, love relationship, etc

FREE ADMISSION and FREE REPORT ANALYSIS ALL ABOUT YOU for 1st 30 new customers only. Strictly for aged 21 to 55 years.

You will get your Free Report Analysis all about your full names, nicknames or calling names, mobile number analysis, house unit number analysis, car plate number analysis worth RM250. Please fill in online registration form to submit your details for report analysis latest by 15th March 2016 >>> http://magnetiicbusinessdeals.com


Please fill in online registration form [ CLICK LINK ] >>> SUBMIT DETAILS and the organizer will confirm your FREE TICKET & YOUR NAMES AND NUMBERS REPORT ANALYSIS to attend seminar.

Click here to watch video >>> Numerology Number & Names Analysis by Marinah Numerologist

How long have you been trying to be successful?

Learn from Marinah Numerologist how to activate auspicious names and numbers to get what you want in lesser time.

Name Numerology by Marinah Numerologist

What does your Name say about your success? Find out what is your name meaning.

Example of Calling Names or Nicknames : KELLY | CHRIS | CANDY

It indicates danger from natural forces such as storms, water, air, fire, etc. You will have success in communication, writing, publishing and all media related matters. You will lose in betting, speculation and stock market. Your should rely on your intuition.

Change of Names brings good fortune, money luck and success into your life.

Have you check your auspicious business? Find out more on feng shui business card to improve sales luck, opportunity, wealth, etc..

Find out your Auspicious Numerology Watch based on your DATE OF BIRTH to attract abundance wealth luck, love, happiness and career success... Get more information from us on Numerology Seminar!

About Birthday Numerology Watch

Flower of Life Symbol incorporated on Numerology Watch to bring you wealth luck, good health, happiness and harmony life! Now you can wear your auspicious watch with you wherever you go! It enhance you with high energy level of luck by knowing the colour of the strap that helps to boost you in your career, business luck, money luck, love relationship and etc. Additional lucky numbers you can choose to wear with your auspicious watch!

INQUIRIES : Contact Ms. Michels Corlin Wong 019 242 9283 for more information

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Corporate Companies Numerology Talk by Marinah Numerologist

Sun Mar 20, 2016
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM MYT
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HOLIDAY VILLA Hotel & Conference Centre Subang
Venue Address
9, Jalan SS 12/1, Subang Jaya 47500, Selangor Malaysia