The Sevenfold Journey - New Moon Circle #1 - The Root Chakra


This circle is for you if you are a woman and you desire to:

• Be in a community of women who support and lift each other up;

• Open your heart, release inhibitions, and strengthen your self-love muscles;

• Get into your body and learn to express your soul through movement;

• Experience yourself as the most fully alive, deeply satisfied, wise, sensual, and authentic version of you;

• Connect with your inner goddess and appreciate your innate sacredness; and/or

• Tap into the magical power of the moon, the feminine archetypes, and the feminine superpowers.

Why the New Moon?

The new moon represents the beginning of a new cycle. The moon is empty, receptive, full of potential. It is an optimum time to plant seeds of intention for what you wish to manifest in your life. For thousands of years, women have been gathering together on the new moon to hold sacred space for ourselves; support each other in our hopes and dreams; be healed and nurtured; feel comforted and understood; and remember the truth of who we are.

Five truths that I have learned through my journey so far that led to the inspiration and creation of this circle...

• I am human and I hold the Divine within me. I am perfect in my own way and I am whole. I deserve to be connected to the most authentic and Divinely guided version of myself.

• My body is the sacred home of my soul, and movement and ceremony are my ways of tapping into it's unique expression. By tapping into the language of my soul, I develop understanding of my inner and outer worlds.

• Love is the answer. I am worthy of both giving and receiving love. Love is not always convenient or neat, but it is the light that resides within me and provides me strength to hold the light for others along the way.

• My sisters are my reflection, my mirror. They ground me, hold me, nurture me, and offer me the safe space in which I can grow. They support me and show me how to step into my full power. I can lean on them as they can lean on me.

• When I do not love myself fully and wholeheartedly, I am not capable of offering true compassion and love to others. I choose to practice self-love in all things. When I am filled with self-love, I can freely give my time, energy, love and attention with no expectation of return, and love becomes abundant in my life.

The theme for this new series will be "The Sevenfold Journey" - a seven-month New Moon exploration of each of the seven major Chakras, their corresponding archetypes, elements and emotions, methods for balancing and healing, understanding the areas of life that they influence, and how we can apply their wisdom into our modern day lives. We will use movement, sound, meditation, our various senses and many more to journey through the chakra system.

We will meet roughly once a month around the time of the New Moon, and there will be information and optional exercises and discussions provided in between each session to help you integrate and implement your experiences in circle.

This chakra exploration begins with the Root/Base Chakra - our survival centre, and our connection to our physical bodies, our environment, and Mother Earth. It is our most primal and instinctual chakra, and a healthy balance here is necessary for a sense of safety and security, physical health, and stability in many areas of our lives.

We will explore the contrasting archetypes of The Mother and The Victim - how these archetypes manifest in our lives, and how we can apply our understanding into our experience for maximum balance and wellbeing.

Get ready to explore the earthy grounding power of the Root Chakra!

Much love and many blessings,

Jess xoxo

Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat, comfortable clothes, and any sacred items you would like to place on the altar.

There is a suggested donation of $13 per circle, or $77 for all seven circles in the series. These donations cover the running costs of this circle and future circles.

For each woman who signs up for all 7 circles, you will receive a complementary 2-hour Shamanic Coaching session with gifted clairvoyant and shamanic practitioner Stella St. Rose, which will include a Chakra balancing.

Meet at Botanic Gardens, Tanglin Gate Taxi Stand at the Botany Centre. We will proceed together to the Grandmother Tree where we will hold the circle.

Wed Mar 9, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate
Full 7-Moon Cycle SOLD OUT $77.00
Single Circle SOLD OUT $13.00
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1 Cluny Road Singapore
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