Quantum Zazen - 1st Session of the new Walking Zazen Series


With every step taken, we focus on our mind & body senses and reconnect to our center. Come experience the richness of walking zazen meditation with us.

Join us in this series to learn and practice:

1. Gathering yourself back from the busy-ness and distractions of the world

2. Reconnecting to your center and your purpose

3. Connecting to world around you

4. Growing with like minded people

5. Having clarity during movement

Limited seats available! Kindly note that RSVP is only accepted under www.tinyurl.com/qzazen!


What is Quantum Zazen?

Imagine meditation from a simple breath down to the finest constructs of your being. Of each quantum (unit) of energy and material in the dance of life, attuned to your energy, spirit, cells, muscles, thoughts, emotions and into your very breath of life. Balance the zen in you and experience the tranquility of being, and bring this into your life and reality.

Be zen, live zen, have zen. The quantum way.

Sat Mar 5, 2016
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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Quantum Zazen Meditation