CodingGirls- Ruby on Rails Track Session 01 - 2016 March 6th, 2-5pm


Hi All, we have received some emails asking about the price of the event. To clarify, the S$15 you paid is for session 1 only. Kindly notice. :) Thank you.

Hi All,

We are CodingGirls. We want to have more tech-newbie girls interested in technology and coding.

Our first track - Ruby on Rails - will start from this session ! You are strongly recommended to join from session 1 and learn how to complete CodingGirls official website and member portal within just 3 months !

Why Ruby on Rails:

In the era of internet, website is a quite essential and effective way of showing ideas or products to the world. However, learning to build a modern web application is daunting. Ruby on Rails makes it much easier and more fun. It includes everything you need to build fantastic applications, and you can learn it with the support of our large, friendly community.

What we hope you will take away at the end of the lesson:

1. Basic knowledge of Ruby language and Rails framework.

2. Courage to learn when meeting new things, instead being scared.

3. Good friends with same curiosity in IT and spirit of facing challenge.

About the Coach:

ZHAO Chu Xin, currently is a software engineer at IBM Software Lab. He graduated from NTU School of Computer Engineering on 2012.

With his belief in "Live with passion and code with love", he will explore the world of Ruby on Rails with you in this session.

Must Bring: Your laptop and willingness to learn ! :)

(Light refreshment will be provided during the break.)

How to Contact Us:

Follow us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/CodingGirls

Email us: hello@codingirls.org (PS: there is only one "g" in the email address LOL)

Syllabus (updated on 3/01/2016. It may be adjusted based on the progress of session and students' learning speed, to ensure the success of our final deliverable)

Class 1: Preparation. Get to know ruby language and rails framework. (March 6th 2016)

Concept of web application

MVC concepts

Know about ruby language

Know about rails framework

Folder structure


Gem file

Class 2: UX and product protopying. (Singapore Design Week Special Mar 20th 2016)

You will learn fundamentals of UX design and create the prototype of our final product.

  • What is the difference between UX, UI and Interaction Design
  • Fundamental UI Design principles
  • Hands-on session to design a web page for CodingGirls using https://moqups.com/

Class 3: Get to know what is our goal and final product. Add simple static pages to our website.(April 3rd 2016)

What we are building

A CMS website

Add static pages to your app


Action Controllers

Rendering Views

Managing assets

Run your app

Class 4: Get to know how to manage dynamic contents (part 1). Add data models to our website. And user sign up and head count feature. (April 17th 2016)

Add data to your app



Connect to SQL

DB migration

Schema design

Knowing active records



Querying your data




Class 5: Get to know how to manage dynamic contents (part 2). Trigger and render dynamic pages with view template. And blog posting and session posting features. (May 1st 2016)

Add views to your app



Form helper


Frontend frameworks



Class 6: Advance topics (part 1). Make people able to register and login, make user experience better. (May 15th 2016)

Add restful APIs to your app

Restful conventions


Making Ajax calls


Devise login


Class 7: Advance topics (part 2). Add Facebook login, image upload and send emails to our members. (May 29th 2016)

Advance topics

Social Features

Upload images

Send emails

Web hosting

Host on Heroku


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