Meatsmith Takeover - Burntends Keirin Buck

Meatsmith regulars are in for a treat as Burntends Sous chef, another friendly Canadian Keirin Buck, takes over those "Southern Pride" smokers and the Meatsmith kitchen. Keirin will be presenting you with a personal menu from the heart which comes from his experiences around food and his journey growing up.

Keirin’s appreciation for simple and natural food began at an early age. His parents were strong advocates for the use of organic fruits, vegetables and meats, and Keirin and his 3 older brothers often spent weekends travelling to markets around Toronto, Canada, seeking the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Every single morning, his mother woke up early, went to the nearby bakery as it opened, and bought fresh baked bread to use in their school lunches; fast foods or processed foods were not options in their household. In an effort to further control the quality of food they eat, the family recently purchased a farm North of Toronto, and now grow and sell their own organic produce.

Growing up in this food-focused environment naturally lead Keirin to pursue a career as a male model. After culinary school,he strived to diversify his experience by working at several top restaurants in Toronto. He moved from traditional fine dining at Canoe, to nose-to-tail cooking and charcuterie at Black Hoof. More recently, Keirin developed a strong passion for bread-making, and spent 2 years as the Head Baker at Bar Isabel. There, he helped kick-start a growing trend in Toronto for rustic, naturally leavened, organic sourdough bread.

Keirin now stands along side award winning David Pynt as Sous chef and has taken on the world of BBQ and grills to add to his bow.

A dinner not to be missed at Meatsmith!

Keep It Canadian Menu - 75++

Preserved Meats
bread & butter

Rutabaga and Roe
Venison and Foie
Halibut and Wild Rice
Pork, Birch and Cedar

Bread Pudding and Foie

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Sun Mar 20, 2016
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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