Shinoharu Rakugo in English 2013 Vol.3!!!!!

Traditional Japanese Compady Story-tellng in English
▲What is Rakugo?
Rakugo (story with a punchline) is a form of traditional Japanese comic storytelling which has been passed on orally since the late 18th century. A Rakugo performer usually wears a kimono”(Japanese traditional clothing) with a “sensu” (paper fan) and a “tenugui” (a tiny handkerchief), andentertains the audience by playing several characters on a “koza” (stage).
As the story unfolds, you can experience being immersed into the tale - the characters come to life right in front of you through the performer, who plays two or more characters by skillfully switchingthe tone of his voice, facial and body expressions. These stories are always smart and funny, and itis the rich usage of wordplay that makes Rakugo so enjoyable.
Rakugo has a long history with the stories being passed down from master to apprentice since the Edo era. Please enjoy this ancient Japanese art which is kept very much alive today thanks to the extraordinarily fun-filled performances by Rakugo masters such as Shinoharu Tatekawa!

Shinoharu Rakugo retuns to Singapore!! We are hosting a traditional Japanese sit down comedy performance called Rakugo again. This comedy will be performed by Shinoharu Tatekawa, the third disciple of Shinosuke Tatekawa, one of the most famous Rakugo masters in Japan.

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Date : 29 July 2013

1st 18:30-20:00 (Door open 17:30- / 1.5hr)
2nd 21:00-22:30 (Door open 20:45- / 1.5hr)
*Performances will be performed in English

Advance $40
Door Price $45

Venue: The Arts House, Play Den
1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429

Message from Shinoharu

Performer’s Profile / Shinoharu Tatekawa
Shinoharu Tatekawa is a Rakugo performer born in Osaka. After graduating from Yale University in the US, he worked in Mitsui & Co. Ltd for three and a half years. Back then in 2002, he was greatly impressed and inspired by Shinosuke Tatekawa’s Rakugo performance that he decided to give up his promising career and devote his future on Rakugo by taking up a discipleship with Shinosuke Tatekawa.
After learning and training in the art of Rakugo for eight and a half years, he was promoted to “Futatsume” (a recognized rank for independent Rakugo performers). Besides traditional Rakugo tales, he has created new styles of Rakugo, including Rakugo in English, hence bringing this art abroad to international audiences.
In 2011, he gave his first solo Rakugo performance in Singapore. In 2012, he was invited to the Singapore International Storytelling Festival (SISF)
, where he was the only Japanese performer featured. He performed English Rakugo and conducted a workshop at LASALLE College of the Arts, on his last visit to Singapore this January. It was very successful and many people came and enjoyed with laughter. Currently, he travels around Japan and the world with the mission of bringing laughter to everyone. Don’t miss out on his amazing performance!

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Info: rakugo@vivid-creations.biz

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Mon Jul 29, 2013
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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18:30~20:00 (Advance Ticket) SOLD OUT $40.00
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1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429 Singapore
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