▶️Live At Home from Koza city vol.1 the you Live streaming 2020 "Knockin'on a new door"


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 「▶︎Live At Home」

 6/27(土)に開催する第一弾では、コザを拠点に活動するオルタナティブ・ロックバンド"the you"が登場します。最高の音響と照明を駆使し。プロジェクションマッピングなどを交えながら、その音楽の世界観を表現してきます。

▶︎Live At Home from Koza city vol.1
the you Live streaming 2020
"Knockin'on a new door"

◇ライブ配信:6月27日(土)19:30 Live生配信スタート


◎the you バイオグラフィ / Biography


浦崎直哉 / Naoya Urasaki : dr
伊禮勇希 / Yuki Irei : vo/gt
zunari : gt/cho
田川俊一郎 / Shunichiro Tagawa : ba/cho

サポート・ギタリスト / Support guitar
金川哲也 / Tetsuya Kanagawa / Gt.

2016年6月にはモンゴル最大のロックフェス、PLAY TIME FESTIVALに出演を果たす。この時にスウェーデンのThe Radio Dept.とも共演を果たす。
2017年1月、新たにミニアルバム "vein" をリリース。また7月には、2年連続となるモンゴルPLAY TIME FESTIVALへの出演を果たした。11月、来沖したLITEと2マンライブを行った。

the you official web site


​問合せ:ミュージックタウン音市場 098-932-1949

主催:沖縄市 / Creative Team GO / ミュージックタウン音市場
企画・制作:ミュージックタウン音市場 / Creative Team GO
協力:Music from Okinawa / OEC


「▶︎Live At Home from Koza city vol.1」
the you
Live streaming 2020
"Knockin'on a new door"

"▶︎Live At Home" is an event where we regularly live streaming event from "Music Town Otoichiba" in Koza, Okinawa City.Literally, you can enjoy live music from the comfort of your own home.
From "Music Town Otoichiba", one of the largest live music venues in Okinawa, we will introduce you to artists who are the focus of attention in Okinawa's music scene today, as well as popular veteran artists, with high quality sound and images.

The first show on Saturday, June 27th will feature the Koza-based alternative rock band "the you". Using the best sound and lighting, we will express the world of the music with projection mapping.


▶︎Live At Home from Koza city vol.1
the you
Live streaming 2020
"Knockin'on a new door"

◇Live streaming:Saturday, 27th June.2020
         The show will start from 19:30 (JST)
◇Archive:The archive video will be available until Sunday, 5th July.2020.

Venue:Music Town Otoichiba(There will be live streaming only on the day of the event. Admission to the venue is not permitted.)
Live streaming ticket:500JPY
*Tickets will on sale from Monday, 1st. June.2020 at Peatix ticket outlet.

◎the you Biography


Yuki Irei : vo/gt
zunari : gt/cho
Shunichiro Tagawa : ba/cho
Naoya Urasaki : dr

Support guitar
Tetsuya Kanagawa / Gt.

Formed in 2004 with Yuki Irei as the central member.
The chord work and exquisite melodies that touch your heart and the overlapping chorus ensemble create a strange floating feeling, and the band's groove is supported by bass.
To date they have released two mini albums, one single, and two full albums. In 2016, they appeared at the Playtime Festival in Mongolia.
Their new mini album 'vein' has been released in January of 2017.

the you official web site

Information:Music town Otoichiba +81-98-932-1949

Organizer:Okinawa city / Creative Team GO / Music town Otoichiba
Planning & Production:Music town Otoichiba / Creative Team GO
Cooperation:Music from Okinawa / OEC

Jun 27 - Jul 5, 2020
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
7:30 PM - 11:00 PM JST
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Online event
一般 / General SOLD OUT ¥500
ミュージックタウン音市場 / Music Town Otoichiba(沖縄 / Okinawa)

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