Inner Child Guided Meditation

"Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For that child, nothing is impossible." Paulo Coelho

We invite you to connect with your inner child through a guided meditation led by Ca-Ryn. While incorporating deep relaxation techniques and self-healing energy visualisation, she will lead us through a 15-minute loving inner child meditation by Louise Hay. (Link: bit.ly/reconnectlive)

The Inner Child is a popular concept reflected in the works of prominent psychology thinkers such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. The Inner Child is described as "an extraordinarily powerful psychological or phemenological reality, related to the unconscious part of our self" by clinical and forensic psychologist Stephen Diamond PhD.

By nurturing and reconnecting with our Inner Child, it may be able to give us clues and guide us towards fulfilment and unleashing our potential and purpose in life.

See you tonight for a heart opening, relaxing and loving meditation. 💗🌷

🌷About Ca-Ryn🌷

Ca-Ryn's great passion is to create safe spaces for deep relaxation and authentic empowerment. She advocates the importance of A.B.C.s in leading an abundant life - i.e. Authentic expression; beautiful Boundaries; wholesome self Care.

Ca-Ryn is a certified pranic healing energy and serenity vibration healing practitioner. She is also a certified practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming (ABNLP). Professionally trained as a litigation lawyer, she is also a youth mentor at a residential treatment centre for abused teenage girls. Ca-Ryn is undertaking the Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis from London College of Clinical Hypnosis Asia.

Ca-Ryn regularly hosts circles and workshops, runs nature retreats and occasionally gives talks on mind, body and heart connection related topics. She conducted a social experiment known as “1,000 Connections in Silence” in 2017 and co-hosted the “World Eye Contact Experiment: KL” in 2018.
Sun May 24, 2020
9:00 PM - 9:30 PM MYT
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