Would You Like To Have More Clicks To Your Blog Post Content Or Email Subject? Here's Hacks That I will Be Sharing


Why Content Marketing Is Important and Have You Ever Deal With Challenges Of Content Marketing?

Content and Email Marketing Is Beneficial For Lead Generation:

If you probably Have you ever have these challenges in content marketing?
-Writing content but no one seems to be clicking read inside
-Too many things to think about during content writing?
-Is it difficult to find a suitable blog template theme for my web content?
-How to make content marketing works well for my business

Workshop Outcome:
In the 4 hours workshop, you can apply effective content marketing strategies for your business (Guaranteed that info's are not found via Google Searches)

Is there's Any Lazy Content Marketing Strategy Exist in this case?
Not 100% for sure, but definitely not too far off :) That's Why I called it lazy content marketing as I made it clear where people to implement this.

Who Should Be On Lookout For This?
-Anyone who is advertising expensively would look into this, content marketers
and SME Owner who wants to take charge of their own content

Things That I Will Be Sharing For The Session:
-Things to make content marketing more useful for your business
-How can you make content blogs repurpose into video format etc to increase traffic
-Frameworks to increase more clicks to email or blog titles subject list?

Refer to below pages for some examples of what I am sharing:

About Myself

My Credentials In Digital Marketing (Google Ad Certification and Growth Master From Growthackers.com):

My Article In Marketing in Asia (ranked 2nd highest).

Link, https://marketinginasia.com/2020/04/17/7-things-to-know-about-digital-marketing-in-2020/

My Content Sharing Results: Picture 1: (Total of 2000 Clicks and Shares Via Content)

My Site Content Sharing Results: Who reads my content?

Sharer 1 (With Followers of 116 K followers)

Sharer 2 (With Followers of 12.2K)

Topic In Detail

Content Marketing Framework

Here are 3 modules that I will go through during the session, and offering them in 4 hours online to make it tactionable+ quick+ affordable.

Lesson 1: Starting With Content Marketing Strategy

  • Identifying the framework related to content marketing
  • Use The Bucket Topic Strategy for Topic Ideas
  • Ways to Use Long Tail Keywords to Generate Unique Content Marketing Ideas

Sample Topic Idea

What potentially can be a hook for the topic, blog title:

Lesson 2: Content Marketing Template

  • Example Blog Template
  • Framework Examples
  • Blog Post Best Practises
Structure Example:

Sample How To Post Blog:

Lesson 3: How Can Content Be Help Convert More Clicks

  • Example of Awesome Site Pages
  • Framework Examples
  • Tools To Do This?
Example (Hacks Approaches To Build Web Page)

Content Marketing Call To Action (Increasing More Sales Chances)

If You Are Happy To Join In, Do Sign Up For Special Early Bird as I am rewarding fast action takers.

For people who are signing up and pay t

for this workshop only:

I will be sharing some nuggets I have learned from Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income and DarellVesterfelt from Copyblogger.

(If you are not enrolling for this workshop, there's no guarantee that this bonus will be repeated as it is exclusive info.

About The Trainer (Elton Kuah)

The Digital Marketing Training Program: presented by Elton Kuah
Currently, Elton has also contributed to publications such as Marketing in Asia and writers for other publications such as E27, Jumpstart, Motley Fool, Hackernoon, etc.
Article Link: https://eltonkuahconsulting.com/articleportfolio

The digital marketing training program was designed, based on the methods and practices of successful online entrepreneurs (ie Pat Flynn, and Sean Ellis, Growth Hacker Guru).

Elton is the founder of Elton Kuah Consulting with 10 years of experience in the online industry; working with corporate clients in the areas of Search Engine Optimization; Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Consultation.

His Article in Marketing in Asia

Some Testimonials

1) Jiajun Liu

2) Karen Xinhong He

More to be included:

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Sat May 30, 2020
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM MYT
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