Agile Malaysia: Agile Coaching Clinic

Agile Malaysia's May 2020 online meetup will focus on how to develop your career as an agilist: what the opportunities are, skills you'd need to acquire and what the future can look like.

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What is a coaching clinic?

The Agile Coaches clinic is a place for people to learn and grow together. During the session, we invite you to share your challenges and problems with other participants and some senior coaches. Together, we will navigate possible solutions to the challenges you will bring.


Shibu Abraham
is a passionate Scrum & Kanban practitioner with experience in helping organisations with Agile transofrmations, training, coaching and mentioring team on Agile practices. Shibu is a Practice Director at UST Global. LinkedIn

Tze Chin Tang is an Agile coach, trainer and Agile Malaysia organiser. He is the founder and principal consultant at Future Work Asia. LinkedIn