SINCA Online Special #5 What is your story?

SINCA Online Special #5「あなたのストーリー」


トピック:「あなたのストーリーを語る。新型コロナによる緊急事態宣言、外出自粛が緩和されたら、何をしたいですか? 3つまで考えてください。そしてその理由も」

今回の新型コロナとそれに伴う緊急事態宣言、在宅勤務などは、私たちに、立ち止まって自分の活動を振り返ったり、自分の目的(Purpose)を考えるとても貴重な機会を提供してくれたのではないでしょうか。そこでSINCA online Special第5回では、私たち自身のストーリーを考え、シェアしたいと思います。




いつものSINCA sessionと同様、全て英語でやります。


 8時   石倉洋子のイントロと背景、今後のSINCAなど
 8時15分 各グループで活動開始
 9時頃  全体セッションー各グループからのレポート
 9時半  全体discussionとまとめ

2.定員40名。先着により申込を締め切らせて戴きます。 定員に達した場合はご容赦ください。  
3.セッション中の様子を写真・動画で撮影いたします。後日、 セミナーレポート等に活用する可能性があります。 ご了承ください

SINCA Online Special  #5 “Your story”

Date: Sunday, May 24
Time: 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm (You can join the zoom about 15 minutes before, so that you can be assigned to breakout rooms.)

Topic: Tell us Your story… “What you want to do when emergency declaration & voluntary stay home restriction are lifted? Pick three and tell us why you pick them.”

Covid-19, emergency declaration and WFH has given us rare opportunity to reflect our activities, revisit our purpose, etc. At SINCA Online Special#5, we would like to share our own stories. Story telling has been recognized as important skill for us even before Covid-19. Now that we are restricted in how we communicate; storytelling is becoming even more important.

For this session, after my brief introduction behind the topic and the status & outlook of SINCA series, we will divide participants into several groups for breakout discussion. In each group, each member can share his/her story of “up to 3 things they want to do when restrictions are lifted. If you do not have 3, that is fine. For the #1 activity you want, share your reasons.

In the breakout sessions, you will have opportunities to tell your story and listen to stories of others. After sharing, we want you to discuss what you learn from the sharing. We will ask groups to report back their takeaways when we come back to the general session.

Depending upon the number of people who register, we will try to have relatively small groups of 4 or 5 each, so that everybody has a chance to talk and share.
As always, everything is done in English.

Tentative schedule:
Up to 8:00 pm- assigning participants into breakout rooms
8:00 Welcome & introduction by Yoko Ishikura
8:15 Breakout sessions start
9:00 Report back from each group
9:30 General discussion and wrap up
We will finish around 10:00 pm or so.

1.All session will be conducted in English.
2.The maximum number of participants are 40, so if the total numbers of applicants exceed 40, we cannot accept the application.
3.We will take the pictures and video throughout session, and we may use it on SNS or HP.

Sun May 24, 2020
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM JST
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