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Loss Prevention, similar to most challenges in running your store, can be a constant battle. Keep this in mind in choosing an EAS system like clothes security system on your store. The two big companies in EAS are Sensormatic for AM and Checkpoint for RF. Checkpoint and Sensormatic both spend money on research and development (R & D) to assist fight such things as shoplifting bags, "front carry" (methods to defeat many EAS systems) along with other methods that shoplifters are choosing to get around EAS systems. The majority of the off-brand systems will not make these investments, so that they are more easily defeated. Another challenge with off-brand systems happens because tend to set off without cause, which can be insulting to great paying customers and frustrating on your employees. Too many false alarms along with the system will either be put off or ignored, neither ones is good for business.

Make sure you recognize what you are getting yourself into. There are several choices and terms you ought to know of included in the buying decision and they're as follows:

RF vs AM– There are two various kinds of systems available: Acousto Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF). These systems operate very differently and will not work together although both technologies have been in existence for many years. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
Acousto Magnetic (AM) systems like Sensormatic Systems employ a robust electronic field that isn't subject to a lot of the issues that RF has. You find AM labels on or even in most anything you purchase in primary retail stores because of Sensormatic’s Source Tagging Program. Although many previous AM systems required a 220V electricity supply, most now are 110V which can be a cost saving for the retailer. Hard tags and labels are robust and hard for a shoplifter to get rid of without drawing awareness of themselves.

Radio Frequency (RF) systems including Checkpoint Systems or Checkpoint Compatible Systems can also be very good systems that contain thinner labels and tags. Tuning methods can be tricky and it's also not a good idea for your retailer to accomplish this themselves.

A special note about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). We frequently have retailers call us and are confused by RF and RFID. Although they are employed in similar ways, they can be very different. RF (and AM) is perfect for shoplifting prevention ONLY. RFID is designed for both inventory control and tracking. RFID can be obtained with both AM and RF systems

System Quality– Like anything in electronics, you obtain what you pay money for. There are many piece of junk type systems from Asia available. The issue with them is quality control inside manufacturing process, insufficient good research and development and support. Many times scalping systems work for a brief time period of time after which break down. Lack of support or parts become a worry at that point. Small retailers have discovered themselves that has a non-working system that has got to be completely replaced. You should locate a 10 to 15 year life expectancy away from an EAS system like eas solution. Yes, new models and features arrive but a head unit you purchase can go the length. Remember, an EAS strategy is never powered down. It works 24/7. Make sure your selection is supported to go the space. Warranty ought to be at a minimum one year.

Radio-frequency identification technology originally got its start for military and space applications as well as the EPC Generation 2 UHF RFID standard can be used for store EPC inventory visibility in vogue retailing. Operating in an ultra-high frequency from 902 to 928 MHz in North America or 865.6 to 867.6 MHz in Europe, RFID operates at over 100 times above RF, employing a much narrower frequency band—about two-tenths of a percent. Unlike AM and RF, RFID is really a true communications technology—the RFID tag responds to communication through the RFID reader with data that are included with SKU as well as other product-related information, not simply confirmation of the company's presence.
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