Quality content: what it means + how to do it

Well, with the insides of the content sorted out. Now we can move on to the main one. Moreover, all authors of successful blogs or large groups/accounts (including us) lay in the concept of quality and useful content.

It is these qualities that affect the success of the content, how it is perceived by users and how they relate to you after studying the materials. In a word, how to create quality content.

And below I’ll add which criterion, depending on the site, affects one or another factor.

And what needs to be done so that the quality of 100% turns into the quality of 146% (an old joke about the elections).

Before I created my blog I had a lot of experience in similar services as this writemypaperbro he helped me enter this niche and start writing a blog, if you have such a choice I advise you to use it.

1. Useful

In my opinion, this is the most important criterion. Coming to a blog, a group on social networks or a personal page, and studying the material, the user should get useful content.

That is what he can take and apply. Like in that joke: “Right now! Immediately!". And no matter what it will be - a practical application or figures from statistics, the main thing is the benefit. The first paragraph is the second.

2. Thematic

Benefit, if we are not talking about entertainment content, can be given only if it is something specific.

That is, material that tells first about fish, and then abruptly goes to fleas (also a joke) will not be in demand and it cannot be called quality content.

It is the disclosure of one topic within the entire platform can be called the creation of quality content.

3. Trust

Content should be credible. Because of trust, you will be read and naturally bought (otherwise, why make quality content). Trust in the materials can be formed quite simply.

For this, it is necessary not only to rewrite someone else's material but to reinforce knowledge from various sources by the type of experiments or statistics. This is called a professional approach and is credible. And as a result, people come back.

4. Actual

One of the factors on how to make quality material is to make it relevant. That is, now I'm not talking more about reviews of recent news or incidents, but about the connection with reality.

If the information from the article lost its relevance 2 years ago, and you write the article only now, then such content is a priori not high-quality.

5. Viral

Virality implies that people share your information on social networks.

And in fact, it is this fact that is a vivid indicator of quality content when the reader is ready to stake his reputation and repost/share your material on his social networks.

Each of your material should create a certain hype, which users will share and thereby attract new users.

6. Emotional

This is the most underestimated factor that we in our company consider almost dominant in any material.

The bottom line is that each of your materials should evoke emotion. The more diametrical it is to the typical state, the better.

Emotion makes contact more intimate, which means that a person can sometimes buy your product without any logical conclusions. As usual, girls buy a new dress at a sale.
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Quality content: what it means + how to do it
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