Charity Webinar Own the Screen: Connect with Your Audience in The Comfort of Your Home


It’s no surprise that for the past few weeks, most of us are working online. And for trainers, teachers, and educators, it’s going to be a major change because they’re moving away from the stage to being in front of a screen. That’s why meetings, classes, and trainings are now held through online video conferencing.

How can I handle this?
What are the things I should do?
How can I effectively engage my audience?
Is this the same as teaching in class?

You and many other educators might be asking these kinds of things. Well, that last part was really an obvious NO. It’s not the same thing, in fact, it’s more challenging, why? Because you don’t get to see all the people attending online. You don’t know whether they’re listening or not. You don’t know whether they’re confused or whether they’re just browsing social media or doing other things while you talk. And most importantly, some of the things you learned to be an effective public speaker don’t apply in an online setting! (e.g. eye contact, non-verbal communication, etc.) So, if it’s difficult to engage your audience in the past, it’s much more difficult now!

But the point is, there are a lot of educators who are lost right now. Some even think that they should just go on with the traditional ways of teaching, even if it means sacrificing audience engagement. As fellow educators, we get you and we don’t want you to worry, we’ll help you get through this!

It’s safe to say that most of us weren’t prepared with this kind of setup. That’s why we are stuck with the traditional way of teaching and didn’t bother to learn new things such as teaching through online videoconferencing.

That’s okay, it’s human nature to stick with what we think will work for a long time. However, since the world is ever so changing, we should always be prepared to adapt.

As fellow educators, we want you to get yourself in tip-top shape on teaching and conducting meetings online.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been busy conducting hundreds of hours of online workshops. We tested out different kinds of methods and techniques to be as effective as possible. We want to share these things to you that’s why we’re conducting an online workshop entitled Own the Screen: Connect with Your Audience in The Comfort of Your Home where you’ll learn:

The basics of online videoconferencing
Effective audience engagement techniques
How to modify your presentations for an online setting
How to effectively structure your content

By learning all of this, we assure you that you’ll teach effectively, have a more engaged audience, and you’ll definitely own the screen!

To further help others in this time of crisis, 50% of proceeds will be donated to charities of our choice.

Why not help yourself and others today?

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Sat Apr 11, 2020
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM MYT
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