TEDxRoppongi "Broaden Horizons" Limited Release of 60 Tickets

In the spirit of 'Ideas Worth Spreading', TEDxRoppongi is a TEDx organisation in Tokyo that serves as an empowering platform for the community of thinkers and innovators in Japan.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. With the theme of "Broaden Horizons", the 10 speakers are passionate to share their ideas in the perspectives of various fields such as neuroscience, intercultural ethics, politics, ethnolinguistics, entrepreneurship, effective communication, and personal transformation.

Along with these talks, TEDxRoppongi hopes to share ideas and concepts that challenge the traditional expectations and mindsets of the Japanese society that allow young generations to step out of their comfort zones and be exposed to an area of interest and difference.

Topic & Speaker Lineup:

Shoin Wolfe: The risk of playing it safe

Richard Evanoff: How can people from different cultures get along with each other in a globalised world?

Jiro Yamaguchi: Future of liberal democracy and role of youth

Jordan Kelker: How I’m using race as my advantage

Stephane E. Fouche: Begin language learning at a conceptual level

Michael Rajkovic: The responsibility for cultivating resilience

Douglas Busacker: 21st-century learners: the new "know thyself"

Thomas Harwood: We need schools in Japan that encourage innovation

Alex Fazel: Communicate better than a native speaker

Maximilian Mackee: Study less, experience more.

*As part of the entry price, we provide full catering for all attendees during the break*
*We highly recommend arriving early to avoid waiting in line*
*Follow TEDxRoppongi Facebook page for full speaker profiles in both English and Japanese*

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Thu Mar 3, 2016
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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Venue Address
106-0031東京都港区西麻布3-24-17西麻布広瀬ビル3F Japan
Our entrance is located in the alley between FamilyMart and Tuxedo Bear (party shop), on the block southeast of the highway. ​ Enter the alleyway, and go through the automatic doors on the left. Take the elevator to the 4rd floor and you are there!

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