[PARTNER EVENT] Bite Size Classes

We are running a 3 workshops in partnership with HoneyKids & Tanderra. To register for a SINGLE workshop, please purchase your tickets on the respective event registration page.


Re-entering the workforce can be daunting. So often, our concerns about what others think of us or how we compare to them leads us to second-guess ourselves. This session will help you build confidence to take on your greatest projects and succeed!

Overcoming your fears and vulnerabilities is the first step to moving forward with ease and freedom. This workshop will help you identify your most potent barriers and devise an implementable plan to overcome those barriers in a simple and practical manner. Learn to embrace and step into your true self so you can follow your dreams.

We'll guide you through useful methods, techniques and strategies for shifting out of destructive mindsets and into the realm of optimal performance.

BUSINESS STARTUP 101 [MAR 1st, 2016]

Are you ready to setup you new business but unsure where to start? This session will take you through the steps you need to start your business, answering your burning questions and helping you bring your idea to life.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is considering starting up a business and has a a business idea. We'll guide you through the process of how to start your own company and advise you on key issues you should consider when setting up and starting up your business.

If you are yet to decide on a legal structure for your business, or if you are a startup considering business support, or just looking to improve your business skills, this course is appropriate for you. You’ll come away with a clear action plan and a definitive timeline for turning your ideas into action!

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get organised - at home, in life, on your calendar and in your finances. Have you tried to get organised and found yourself feeling frustrated with the process? Perhaps you’ve felt like you failed when you looked around and realised you’ve created what seems like even more chaos. Or maybe you haven’t really tried because you are overwhelmed and have no clue how to start. When you an’t see the trees from the forest, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

This session is about discovering how you can take back control of CLUTTER and change the relationship you have with STUFF, to reconnect with who you are and what really matters.

If you know getting organised would be a prudent move for enabling you to live better and enjoy life more fully, but you also need some guidance, then this is the workshop for you. Organising doesn’t have to be complicated - in fact, simpler is better. This workshop will take you through the entire organising process - from getting started to maintaining a system that works for you. The end result is that you will be organised and able to replicate the process in any area of your life.

*Nibbles, tea & coffee will be provided and you'll have the opportunity to network after.

The Change School GYM is for curious and inquisitive minds with huge learning appetites and limited time. Our powerful HIITs (High Impact Interactive Training) offer bite-size learning designed to help you move forward.

No matter where you are in life or work, we've got something for everyone!

Our HIITs run in a variety of formats - from workshops and role play to inspiration talks and roundtable discussions.

Want to find out more? Email us at hello@thechangeschool.com

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Tue Feb 23, 2016
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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[Feb 23, Mar 1, Mar 10] All classes SOLD OUT $189.00
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