FuckupNights KL Ep3 - The Education Sexification


Happy New Year! May your 2016 rock so much that it kicks 2015’s ass back to loser-ville!

Now, you know I always give a mega crap about the education system, and that’s why we thought why not set the theme as education to kickstart FuckUpNights KL 2016! But you see, looking for speakers in the education arena ain’t easy - most academicians are too stuckup to talk about their fuckups (they don’t want to be seen as one, but hey, no one is pointing fingers lar…)

So I have to crack my head and pull out the hit list, and that’s how we end up with four speakers (yes again!) who are kicking ass in non-institutional (boring) education. Being an advocate of life-long learning myself, and having known three of the speakers too personally, this I guarantee is gonna be an awesome FuckUpNights not too be missed!

Lagi the monologue for this month is “How to NOT be Fuck Type”, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s have a quick look at the lineup first!

Vince Tan was (and if you ask me, still is) the internet wiz kid in his early days, and after making too much money online, he decided to take a break and become a father of 3 with his lovely wife. Then, as most entrepreneurs I know have the issue with itchy-backside, he decided to get out of retirement and started two companies - Shock Media and Edupow. The latter is gonna be kicking Udemy in the balls, and is definitely something Vince play very close to his heart, as he has gone through ups and downs to make it happen. The story? Hear it live lar!

Talking about backsides, next up is Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh of SOLS 24/7. Now, don’t let the teacher title fool you, this brilliant entrepreneur here is a total badass, with a heart of gold. When he’s not busy promoting how gorgeous his wife is (seriously dude?), he juggles between corporate training and teaching the poor and underserved communicates. He’s also a hero in fundraising, having raised over RM30 million and a serial entrepreneur who recently launched ngohub.asia, the first of his kind online platform in Asia. Candid, direct, funny, with Raj on stage, there’s hardly a moment where one politician don’t get referenced (usually not in the good way).

And because we also kena from female activist groups saying we always feature dudes and not enough chicks, well, enter my friend (and landlord) Yasmin Ahmad. Co-Founder of NeoOne Academy, Yasmin is a trainer, coach, facilitator, graphic recorder, mother and that’s all because we had been told by a certain minister to hold more than 3 jobs/roles/coz he pun confused. Yasmin has her share of personal fuckups professionally and personally too, but there’s nothing stopping her from rocking it in an arena (and the stage) that’s predominantly men-full. Fun-fact: Yasmin was one of the lucky few who graphic recorded Obama’s speech when he was here!

And to wrap up the list is Mike Knott, who’s borned in South Africa, grew up in USA, and teaches in China! All over the world, kan? Right on. He’s also the co-founder of XLNTE, Sovereign Partners and Auspice Mobile, and is personally recommended by a previous speaker at FuckUpNights, Paul Jones Entrepreneur! Basically all PJ said was, “Mike can rival me in the number of Fuckups, and you know I fucked up big time!” Well, we will find out for sure! Legendary!

Amazing line up right? No shit! Sign up here and bring your buddies! Why? The more the merrier, and they really don’t want to miss this epic episode!


Maverick Foo
Co-Host, FuckUpNights KL
(Yeah also previous that KICKSTART.MY guy)

p.s. If you’re offended with the F word, sorry yo. It’s an international franchise, so we can’t anyhow change it to Epic Fail Nights. Seriously, that doesn’t even sound catchy!

Seriously?!? What the fuck is FuckUpNights?

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