Evan WISH - Live in Japan - Muza Kawasaki Assembly Room (3d Night show)

  • Evan Wish began studying the piano at age 7 with the Conservatory of Music in Brandon, Manitoba Canada. Classical recitals receiving 1st Class Honors with competitions garnering 1st place wold further establish Evan as a gifted young pianist. His talent performing the works of the masters instilled a deep love and devotion for the piano. As a young man Evan began to composing through inspiration, and this new desire flowed freely and naturally.


    オリジナル作品は3ヶ月全米トップ10、6ヶ月全世界ト ップ100入りを果たし、数多くの高評価、
    賞賛を得て各国 で放送されている。

18:00開場 - 19:00開演
Open : 18:00 - Start : 19:00 - End : 20:30

With a desire to establish respect as a contemporary composer, it led him to the United States with funding provided by the Manitoba and Canadain Government in Ottawa. He attended the prestigious Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles for 3 years mentored by top composers in the entertainment industry, to write, arrange, orchestrate and conduct for 22 piece Big Band Jazz and Orchestras on a weekly basis. Years later, once again in a never ending desire to be his best, taking on a mentorship with Dr. Yakov Birman of the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

7歳より ブランドン・マニトバ音楽学校でクラシック音楽教育を始 める。ディック・グローヴ音楽院にて作曲、管弦楽法、ビックバ ンド編成、アンサンブルの教育を受ける。ヘンリー・マンシーニ、ラロ・シフリン、ビル・コ ンティ、ネルソン・リドル、ジャッ
ク・エリオットなどのマスタークラスを取る。Yakov Birmanを師事。


ハ リウッドミュージック・イン・メディア・アワードのクラシック・オーケストラ部門でオリジナ ル曲 ”Forget-me-not, Blue” が
ノミネートされる。アメリカのケーブルテレビ番組 ”Harry and the Henderson” のテーマ曲の作曲などで映像への音楽提供を始める。フランスではインターナ ショナルフェスティバルに出演の他、パリのディズニーランドで使用する曲 “Cher Mickey” の作曲を担当。カナダでのコンサート映画やテレビ制作の音楽にも携わる。
幼児用の音楽プログラムの開発やクラシック・ジャズピア ノ、作曲・シンセサイザー・デジタルレコーディングプログラムの講師としても活躍している。

Evan has had a long and varied career in the music industry, which includes extensive concert performances and composing assignments in Canada, the US, Europe and East Asia. He spent quite a bit of time in France since the mid-90’s, and a French influence can be heard in his compositions.

As a Nominated recording artist, releases since 2004 were a Top 10 for 3 months and Top 100 for 5-6 months globally, receiving numerous 5-Star reviews, accolades for the solo piano compositions and performances, airplay is worldwide. Beautiful and powerful, Contemporary Classical and New Age piano performances by a seasoned pianist, who effortlessly embraces romance, love and hope, while pushing the music's positive influence on the listener to new heights. Classically trained as a young person, Evan has been required to compose in virtually every style of music in the course of his later training and professional work, so he brings a wealth of experience to his original music and Live performances.As a Nominated recording artist, releases were a Top 10 for 3 months and Top 100 for 5-6 months globally, receiving numerous 5-Star reviews, and accolades, airplay is worldwide.

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Sat Mar 14, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM JST
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