Style Closet Basic Complete Workshops: Organising your mind, behaviour and space


Dear all fashionistas and wardrobe lovers,

Love to shop clothes but no space to hang them anymore?
Tend to buy similar clothes?
Have loads of clothes but nothing to wear?

Yes, the month of January 2016 is the time for Spring Cleaning.
And look no further.

Eri Kobayashi, the only professional closet organiser based in Singapore will assist you conquer your wardrobes through her experiences with working with 200+ clients and her Japanese style of organising methods.

It’s the good time to review your space, get some work done, and prepare for the new year!
Let us begin with your closet.

Assess your closet with 7 top questions from the link below and join the series of workshops to learn a lifeskill.

--> http://organizedlifespace.com/en/top-7-questions-to-assess-your-closet/

During each workshop, you will learn basics of wardrobe organising step by step and feel confident (and even excited) in organising your closet.

10-11h: "Style Closet WS1: Organising your mind" (60min)

is for people who don’t know where to start – A compilation of thinking about what styles you are attracted to and how you want to style yourself. You will learn why you tend to choose certain styles and how you can build up your wardrobe towards your image goal.

11-12h: "Style Closet WS2: Organising your behaviour" (60min)

is for people who wants to learn why your closet is ended up with the current mess. You will learn why certain people is more organised and certain people are not and why your house looks ok but not your closet. By analysing the dominant side of your brain and behavioural patterns, you will get tips on ways to use this knowledge to update your closet.

12-13h: "Style Closet WS3: Organising your space" (60min)

is for people who wants to learn “how to organise” tips.
You will learn compilation of storage methods and helpful organise items that are available in Singapore.

It is recommended to take each workshops in order as it is designed for you to get the best of it, however you can choose from what you want to start with.

WS1: Organising your mind (14 Jan 2016, 19-20h)
WS2: Organising your behaviour (21 Jan 2016, 19-20h)
WS3: Organising your space (28 Jan 2016, 19-20h)

WS1, WS2, WS3 Complete Workshop (16 Jan 2016, 10-13h)

If you wish to arrange separate workshop with your friends and colleagues, make an appointment with me at your convenient time (lunch hours or after work near your office)!

* All the participants will get get 10% discount for any organising services by Organized Life and Space.

Sat Jan 16, 2016
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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