Der International Trio

The Music Salon is proud to present a very exciting line up of some of the best improvisers to come by this town and a special secret chef who's bound to make you highly satiated at the end of the night!

Jens is a legendary jazz harmonica player who has been touring around the world as both a clinician and a performer for many years, and is able to crossover to multiple genres with his versatile improvisational skills. More info about him below.

Eivind is a Norwegian pianist whose passion in music education led him to countries like Sri Lanka and Singapore where he shares his deep love and knowledge for music and music production with students across ages. On top of that he is an accomplished jazz pianist whose abilities spans beyond that of jazz and cuban. He has his own projects and has played with many of the top session and resident musical groups in Singapore due to his great musical sense and ability to learn any repertoire.

Ethan is a born and bred local Singaporean double bassist who's known to be one of the best in the region, both as a sessionist and as the resident bassist for the top Cuban and Gypsy Jazz groups in the region. His fiery, interactive playing, mixed together with his genuine though generally humourous stage "dances" always lightens up the room.

This trio is a must-experience, as it's the first time they would be put together! (Chances are festivals are on the way too)

"We must welcome Jens Bunge to the growing ranks of chromatic harmonica players in jazz.(...) Jens has a round tone and technique, supported by musicianship. Good luck, the road is not easy but you've got the conviction and the equipment." - (Toots Thielemans) -
Jens Bunge was born September 24, 1963. At the age of 18, he began to teach himself to play the chromatic harmonica. Influenced by the recordings of Toots Thielemans, he soon found his passion for jazz. In the mid 80’s, while studying theology at the University of Heidelberg (Bunge is an ordained Protestant minister!), he began to perform with local big bands and jazz groups. The following years saw him as a guest soloist with the Thilo Berg Big Band featuring Ack van Rooyen, and the German Jazz Orchestra BuJazzO, conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer. Other musicians he performed with are: Art Farmer, Barbara Dennerlein, Emil Mangelsdorff, Bill Ramsey, Wolf Mayer, Anke Helfrich, Matthias Dörsam, Peter Lehel, Thomas Siffling, Janusz Muniak, Rüdiger Oppermann, Tony Sheridan, Judy Roberts, Greg Fishman, Jackie Allen, Patricia Barber, Maucha Adnet, Duduka da Fonseca, Leni Andrade, Elena Suchánková and many more. Being an untiring globetrotter, Jens Bunge has played his harmonica on all five continents: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal, Honolulu, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok and Cape Town are just a few of the locations where he appeared as a featured guest. He took part in harmonica festivals such as the European Harp Festival 1996, the World Harmonica Festivals 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2009, the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festivals in Korea (2000), Japan (2002), Hong Kong (2004) and Taiwan (2006), the International Harmonica Carnival in Malaysia (2007), and the Highlands Harmonica Festival in Malaysia (2009).
Besides his workshop activities he is – alternating with Jamey Aebersold - a regular writer for the jazz column of the international magazine "The Harmonica Educator". By now, Jens Bunge has recorded eight CDs under his own name, and appears as a featured guest soloist on recordings of Ralf Gauck („Take A Look Behind“), Peter Lehel („Ballads“), Chantal (“Live At The Cavern”, DVD “Chantal Meets Tony Sheridan”), Ruth Ling ("Simple Love Song"), Rick Smith ("The Liminal Man"), and Kay Tse ("謝安琪 -Slowness"). In 2007, the sound of his jazz harmonica has been sampled for the Yamaha Tyros II keyboard.

Thu Jan 7, 2016
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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