Come join us for an extraordinary unique experiential trip to Indonesia.


A rare opportunity to have first-hand experience of Total Eclipse and explore off-the-beaten track beautiful nature of Indonesia in this 8-day trip

Here’s the plan, we will explore off-the-beaten track nature in Indonesia and observe total eclipse as the highlight of the trip.

Never really know that Indonesia has so many beautiful nature places that beyond our imagination. This trip will enable you to see Indonesia outside the usual touristic places.

We will be visiting Tanjung Karang white sandy beach, Bada Valley, Lake Poso and Saluopo waterfall.

The highlight of this trip is to witness how a broad daylight turns into darkness for 2-3 minutes. This phenomenon is known as Total Eclipse and is not unknown to many but not experience by many though, including myself.

Total eclipse happens when the shadow of the Moon completely covers the Sun, blocking out all light. You will experience 2-3 mins of total darkness in broad daytime.

Some of the below descriptions by an avid eclipse chaser Dr Kate Russo will make you understand why we organise this trip.

“A total eclipse (also known as totality) of the Sun has to be one of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring events of the natural world. It allows you to experience the three-dimensional nature of the Universe”; It is impossible to be a passive observer. You do not simply see a total eclipse. You experience it. You are immersed in it. You are completely overwhelmed by it”,The experience during totality is hard to explain in words, video or photos, it’s really something you have to be there to experience” - http://www.beingintheshadow.com/blog-2/the-feel-of-totality/

According to Dr Kate Russo website (http://www.beingintheshadow.com/), People who first time experienced total eclipse are always left speechless and after reflection, they have a range of emotions. It is “the experience of totality changes their lives” that makes me decide to seize the rare opportunity to experience it first-hand - http://www.beingintheshadow.com/blog-2/what-is-it-like-to-experience-a-total-eclipse/

Total eclipse is not visible in Singapore, it can only experience partial eclipse. For the last 15 years, it was mainly happening in the middle of the ocean where it is quite unreachable. But we are fortunate now that the next eclipse is on 9 March 2016 (between 8.37 – 8.40am) and not only happening in Indonesia (very nearby us), the best news is it is on land too. You are able to witness such spectacular phenomenon without travelling far away.

About 20 years ago, Tanjung Karang beach is only known as a place for the fishermen to rest after the weary sea. But now, Tanjung Karang beach has turned into a favourite attraction for residents of Palu and surrounding areas.

The beach is renowned as a paradise for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. The journey to Tanjung Karang beach is accompanied by beautiful scenery along the road.

Tanjung Karang beach has a unique landscape. On one side, it is a sloping beach with white sand in shallow water. On the other side, there are high cliffs with deep sea. These have become a magnet for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts as you do not need to dive to the bottom or swim to the middle of the sea. Not necessary to use boat either, just walked three meters from the beach, snorkelling lovers would be able to see the natural coral reefs.

The Bada Valley is world famous for its prehistoric relics from an ancient megalithic culture. Dozens of finely carved megaliths dating between 1,000 – 5,000 years old are scattered across the valley. A mysterious, yet magnificent testament to the skill and genius of a civilization that we know absolutely nothing about. Nobody really knows how old the megaliths are, who made them or why they’re there.

The statues of Bada Valley are carved in human or animal form: owl, monkey or buffalo; all with the similar and rather abstract style of being somewhat oval with large, round faces. The largest statue stands 4.5 meters tall and 1.3 meters thick. Sources indicate that they show remarkable resemblance to the stone statues of Easter Island, Cheju Island in Korea, and the Olmec Statues in Mexico.

Lake Poso is an ancient lake and is the third largest lake in Indonesia after Lake Toba and Lake Singkarak in Sumatra. The lake spans across an area of 32,000 hectares with a depth of 515 meters at its deepest points, it is almost three times deeper than the Java Sea which has a mean depth of 151 meters only.

Its waters are deep blue and aquamarine, and it is one of the clearest lakes in the world. Silver and yellow eels criss-cross the lake together with two endemic species of fish. The centre of the lake is crystal blue, outlined by a shade of green and bordered with soft white and golden sands. Rolling hills surround this enchanting lake, covered with stretches of bright, green rice fields, fragrant clove trees and tropical forests.

Waterfall Saluopa is one of the interesting sights in the province of Central Sulawesi. The waterfall is composed of 12 levels. From one level to the next level there is a staircase of stone, making it easier for visitors to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

Around the falls there is also a tropical forest with a diverse fauna that live in it. You will hear the sounds of animals and birds with a melodious singing while passing through the forest.

The water from the mountain is so clear that the rocks in the water can be seen clearly. Interestingly, the mossy rocks are not slippery, visitors can easily rise to the top level through the stones. It is a must visit place if you are in the vicinity of the area.

This 8-day adventurous trip costs just $580 per pax for minimum 12 participants. For 16 participants, each pax is $560.

As we need to book the accommodation and guide early due to the eclipse festive season, and also hopefully everyone could get the promo air ticket in time, hence your early confirmation and payment would be very much helpful. If there are less than 12 pax, the price will be higher. Much appreciate that you could rsvp and transfer the fund of $580 by 15 January 2016.


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Our Contact Details

Chong Lee Ling: HP: 91734828, Email: leelingchong@yahoo.com

Georgina Chin: HP: 96226838, Email: chin.georgina8@gmail.com

Recommended flight: Lion Air 2-way SG to Palu, cost about $300 (current promo rate) - $400 (usual rate) https://secure2.lionair.co.id/lionairibe/OnlineBooking.aspx

Taking JT 159/JT 862 flight on 7 March, Monday at 21.20 and reaching Palu on 8 March, Tuesday at 6.30am.

Leaving by JT 723/JT 156 on 14 March, Monday at 9.15am and reaching SG at 19.00

Price Included:

- All land transportation, accommodation (based on shared room), 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 6 dinners, benefit of English speaking guide fee, and park permit.

Price Excluded:

- Air ticket

- Extra beverages in the hotel (Soft drinks/Alcoholic drinks), laundry, phone calls

- Personal insurance

- Guide tips

- All personal expenses that is not mentioned on items above.

- Rental of mask, snorkel and fin. It costs about IDR 150,000 for rental of mask and snorkel. Additional cost for rental of fin. This is because the locals does not snorkel with fin.

Things to prepare: will advise when nearer to date

This is a brief Itinerary for your reference:

(Sequence of the places maybe changed due to the local travelling arrangement)

Day 1, 7th March 2016: Fly from SG to Palu

Day 2, 8th March 2016: Arrived Palu from SG. Proceed to Donggala, Tanjung Karang white sandy beach for snorkelling.

(Hotel accommodation, lunch and dinner provided)

Day 3, 9th March 2016: Witness Total Eclipse. Then heading to Bada Valley.

(Homestay accommodation, 3 meals provided)

Day 4, 10th March 2016: At Bada Valley. Visit the famous megaliths and Runde village to visit local people who are making bark clothes, made of fig-trees.

(Homestay accommodation, 3 meals provided)

Day 5, 11th March 2016: Bada Valley to Lore Lindu National Park. Seeing different shapes of megaliths in different villages. If time permits, you may able to soak in the cold water of the waterfall in one of the villages.

(Homestay accommodation, 3 meals provided)

Day 6, 12th March 2016: See different type of megaliths and visit Saluopa waterfall

(Homestay accommodation, 3 meals provided)

Day 7, 13th March 2016: Going back to Palu and visit Lake Poso on the way

(Hotel accommodation, 3 meals provided)

Day 8, 14th March 2016: Fly out to Jakarta and back to SG

(Breakfast included)


We are staying at 2* hotel and homestay during the trip, hence the standard of the accommodation would be basis.

For the homestay, the room has a desk with mirror and a private bathroom with toilet (flush with a bowl of water). The room has a veranda with seating.

There is no fan or mosquito net. Only bedsheet is provided, hence you need to bring a sleeping bag liner. Electricity is only available between 18:00 and 06:00 hours.

Mar 7 - Mar 14, 2016
[ Mon ] - [ Mon ]
7:00 PM SGT
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