Foreign Entrepreneurs in Japan/ 日本で挑戦する外国人起業家


Unique chance to get to know and hear from start ups expanding in Japan. If you are curious about doing business in Japan and hearing what opportunities and challenges Japan has, this event is for you. Expect to hear valuable business know-hows and get inspired as well!

The NPO Seitaikai was established in 2018 with the goal of building a startup ecosystem in the Kansai region.
So far we have held more than 20 events and loose parties, and received more than 100 start-up consultations.

For this time we will talk with Mrs. Gunes Fujita, Mr. Jim Huang and Mr. Sesto Keisuke Ueda. Mrs Gunes has only recently started her company called Humony, which is meant for helping foreingers in job-seeking and being a HR recruiter company as well as translation service provider. Due to her vast experience and long years of living in Japan, as a student, worker and now entrepreneurer, she can give very specific advice to those who are eager to hear the real story on how to start your own business in Japan.

Mr. Huang works as a manager for Japan for the app called QueQ. QueQ is a start up from Thailand with over 2,000,000 million users in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. His job is to find partners and grow QueQ services in Japan, which are more than just skipping lines for the restaurants, he can give participants knowledge and know-hows he has gained since coming to Japan, but also he abundand international experience. This talk is meant to be useful for both foreingers and Japanese participants.

Mr. Sesto Keisuke Ueda is a CEO of LYNX, an English school which then developed into a company providing English related support services. He is in the Kyoto International Entrepreneurs Community organization team and knows well about challenges and opportunities for foreign entrepreneurers. We are excited to have him and listen to his experiences in Kyoto, a traditional city as well as innovative place to attract many startups.

Who can participate: (students / others)
  • Foreigners who are interested in starting a business
  • Students interested in interships(possibly paid-projects) in QueQ
  • Those who want to start a business with a foreigner
*The event will be held in English. 30 participants at maximum.


7th February 18:30-21:00
GVH Osaka seminar room(Grand Front Osaka Tower C 7F @Global Venture Habitat) 3-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
*For detailed map, please scroll to the bottom of the page.


18:30-18:45 Guest speaker & Seitaikai Introduction
18:45-20:00 Talk and Q&A 
20:00-21:00 Summary and Networking Party (Drinks and snacks available)

Entry fee

Students 500 yen, Others 2000 yen


Gunes Ustuner Fujita, Founder of Humony

She got an M.A. in Cognitive Linguistics and Communication Design at Osaka University, Japan and she got a B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature at Ankara University, Turkey. While there, she studied Japanese Language and Japanese history at Ochanomizu Women University. Having returned to Turkey, she worked as a Japanese translator, Japanese interpreter and Japanese teacher. In 2012, she went to Osaka Univ. as a government-sponsored foreign student and after graduation, she joined a Japanese company and worked for 4 years. In 2019, she founded her own company for helping foreign people to find a job in Japan while working in Moriyama City Government for being a bridge between Japan and Turkey.
Humony homepage link: https://www.thehumony.com/

Jim Huang, country manager for QueQ
Jim Huang is a seasoned investment professional overseeing opportunities in Asia Pacific. He had worked at Oaktree Capital’s Singapore office looking after Southeast Asia and Australia. Prior to Oaktree, Mr. Huang also worked on the Real Estate platform of Credit Suisse, mainly due diligence, structuring and asset management in Pan-Asia. Other experience includes ANZ Private Capital, HSBC Securities (New York), and Fitch Ratings (New York). As a native Mandarin speaker, Mr. Huang received BA from Cornell University and MBA from University of Chicago. Mr. Huang currently serves as a board advisor to SeedCX, a licensed US-based crypto exchange and custodian settlement.
QueQ homepage link : https://www.queq.me

Sesto Keisuke Ueda, CEO of LYNX
Born in Italy and raised in Europe. Landed in Japan in 2010, he took a few years to learn the language and research the local social dynamics. In 2015 he started LYNX, an English school which then developed into a company providing English-related support services. LYNX and Sesto's most recent projects include the expansion of international wine trade show WTFood to Kansai, the Kyoto International Entrepreneurs Community, and KiGinKin–a marketplace, platform and portal to give foreigners access to high-quality Japanese products and experiences.
LYNX homepage link: https://lynxenglish.jp/

Iva Petkovic, Student volunteer in Seitaikai

Born 1997 in Serbia. Currently a 2nd year student in Kobe University, Faculty of Business Administration. Came to Japan in 2017 by receiving Japanese government scholarship (MEXT). After finishing 1-year course of Japanese in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, I moved to live in Kobe. In order to improve my business skills necessary for job-hunting in the future, I joined Seitaikai as a student volunteer.

※ NO REFUNDS will be made for cancellations regardless of reason.
※ We post photos at the events on our SNS.
※ Do not sell products, invite network business, solicit religion at the events.

日本語 ------------------


今回の素晴らしいゲストスピーカーは、藤田ウステュネル・ギュネシさん、ジム・ファンさん、上田 セスト 圭昌さんです。ギュネシさんは、Humony という会社を最近始められ、人材紹介の会社として仕事を探す外国人を支援し、通訳サービスも提供しています。ギュネシさんは、留学生・社会人、そして起業家として長年日本に滞在し、多くの経験があります。日本で仕事を始めるにあたり、リアルな話を知りたいという人に、きっと良いアドバイスをくださるでしょう。


上田セスト圭昌さんは、LYNXの代表です。LYNXは, 英語の学校で、英語に関する様々なサービスを企業に提供しています。また、京都で外国人起業家コミュニティを運営されているので、外国人の起業家の課題やチャンスもよくご存じです。セストさんを迎えて、彼の京都でのご経験を聴くことができるのは楽しみです。京都は伝統のある都市であり、革新的な場所としてスタートアップを引き付けているので。


  • 日本で起業したいと思っている外国人
  • QueQでインターンシップ(有償)をしたいと思っている学生
  • 外国人と一緒に起業したいと思っている人


2020年2月7日 (金) 18:30 - 21:00
GVH大阪セミナールーム(グランフロント大阪 タワーC 7F グローバルベンチャーハビタット) 大阪市北区大深町3-1


18: 30-18: 45 登壇者と生態会の紹介
18: 45-20:00 トークとQ&A
20:00 -21:00 まとめ&ネットワーキングパーティー(飲み物やスナックを用意しております)


学生 500円、社会人 2000円


HUMONY homepage link: https://www.thehumony.com/

ジム・フアン, QueQ カントリーマネージャー

アジアパシフィックでの経験豊富なプロの投資家。シンガポールのオークツリーキャピタルで、東南アジアやオーストラリアの案件に関わってきた。その前は、クレディスイスの不動産部門に従事し、アジア諸国のデューディリジェンス・ストラクチャリング・資産管理などを主に行った。他にもANZ プライベートキャピタル、HSBC証券 (ニューヨーク), フィッチ・レーティングス (ニューヨーク)などの勤務経験がある。マンダリンのネイティブスピーカーであり、コーネル大学で学士を、シカゴ大学でMBAを取得した。 フアン氏は、現在SeedCX社(米国の規制に合わせ、企業が仮想通貨を中心としたデジタル資産取引を支援する会社)の経営アドバイザーでもある。
QueQ homepage link: https://www.queq.me

上田セスト圭昌 LYNX 代表
LYNX homepage link: https://lynxenglish.jp/


イヴァ・ペトコヴィチ 生態会学生ボランティア






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GVH大阪セミナールーム(グランフロント大阪 タワーC 7F グローバルベンチャーハビタット)
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