Leg Lock Seminar

Start the new year off right and up your leg lock game. With the ever growing success of leg locks in MMA as well as Grappling tournaments it's becoming more and more important to become educated on these techniques. With over 17 years of grappling experience Josh offers a very dynamic and open minded approach to leg locks.

In this seminar we'll cover a range of various topics and philosophies. We'll also show you how to hit leg locks from virtually all positions. Mount, guard, half guard top, half guard bottom, turtle, standing entries, standing from back control. There is literally no position where a leg lock is not an option.

Learn why people are able to roll out of your leg locks
What are guys like Gary Tonnen doing that others are not?
How to do your leg locks in an IBJJF format vs a sub only format?

Regardless of your experience level you'll walk away with a range of new finishes from various positions.

Sat Jan 30, 2016
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM SGT
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Transcendence MMA
Early Bird SOLD OUT $60.00
Slackers SOLD OUT $70.00
Venue Address
294A Lavender Street 338807 Singapore
Joshua Robinson