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A dissertation is a fundamental scientific work entirely devoted to a certain topic. The work is an in-depth study of a specific issue, the solution of which has a positive impact on society, the economy, science, health, agriculture and much more. That's why writing a dissertation is a very important thing.

A researcher with a Ph.D. degree can work on a dissertation. degree - the next, after receiving it, a scientist can take a professorship. After that, you can think about the degree of academicians. However, a career is not the main point of the job. The main thing is the contribution to the scientific and social life of society.

Choosing a topic and writing a structure

The main difference between the dissertation is fundamental. This is the most in-depth work, which involves the full study of a certain topic. It’s not enough just to choose a theme, you need to be initially aimed at a full study of the topic and achieving the result. An important fact is that labor should have practical value, that is, bring real benefits to society. The task of the applicant is to choose the right topic, work through the material, find an effective way to solve the problem and arrange the corresponding work in accordance with the standards.

Features of writing and complexity of protection
The title of the candidate of sciences in their specialty is received by many researchers, some at a fairly young age. However, a few succeed in moving to the level of Doctor of Science. Mandatory requirement - authorship in at least 15 scientific articles. These works must be published in the Higher Attestation Commission. In addition, the applicant for such a high rank must continuously engage in scientific development and testing. The dissertation is the manifestation of the highest knowledge in his specialty, the ability to put this knowledge into practice and to benefit science, technology, and the economy.

In order to understand how complicated this work is, we’ll give statistical data: only 1 out of 10 candidates receive a doctorate and continues their research. To obtain a title you must be the author of at least two monographs and publish them. After that, the documents are submitted to the attestation commission, which will review them for 2 months, then allow the applicant to protection. Moreover, all results will be a vowel and absolutely transparent.

Stages, plan, and size of a dissertation
Scientific work fully reflects the qualifications and depth of knowledge of the applicant. The study begins by choosing a topic. It should be relevant and innovative, discussed and approved by the academic council in a higher educational institution or research institute. It is very important that the topic is related to previous research and published research by the applicant.

Further work includes the following steps:

Develop a plan. The plan is the scheme by which the study is conducted. Work should not recede from him. Mandatory presence in terms of introduction, description of the relevance of the topic, the main part, conclusions and list of references

A clear study of the structure. Be sure to divide the work into topics and paragraphs. All of them should be logically completed and smoothly transition one into another. Desired graphs, lists, and tables.
Search for materials. According to modern requirements, it is necessary to use at least five hundred literary sources for a quality study of the topic. This requirement reflects the ability of the applicant to process a large amount of theoretical information, highlight the main thing and get acquainted with the most serious researchers in their field.
Stages of writing material. Everyone knows what a theory is, however, it is important to put it into practice. For this, a technique should be developed that allows them to be combined.

Registration. The design principles should be given sufficient attention. Work should correspond to the volume (200-300 sheets). Font, indentation, paragraphs - everything should be in a single established version. Tables, diagrams, and diagrams are drawn up accordingly with footnotes. In detail, this section may help the secretary.
Those who do not know how to make a work plan correctly can turn to the supervisor. As a rule, he is more experienced and has already done similar work. Some choose another option - order a dissertation. It involves financial costs.

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