Bringing Nature Indoors Talk at NLB hosted by Lucinda Law.


Bringing Nature Indoors

This talk is aimed at urban dwellers who seek for closer proximity to nature and ways to live harmoniously with nature in our everyday settings. Discover a 'green' storehouse of beautiful and inspiring ideas on how to beautify your favourite spaces with nature with Charles Loh (Mossingarden), Lucinda Law (Within) and Olivia Choong (The Tender Gardener). We will be discussing and looking at a number of plants, their cultural significance and where they might be placed in various spaces. The talk highlights key cultural issues that trigger our desire to live closer to nature as more of our time is increasingly spent on the digital space. The talk will also focus on the practicality aspect of bringing nature indoors – tips and advices on how to how to care for your plants are some of the key highlights provided at the talk. We'll also be talking about how you can grow your own food while decorating a space. We look forward to sharing the latest ways of presenting nature indoors through various inspiring creative projects that will set the tone for 2016.

Bring Nature Indoors is part of The Art of Living series of talk organised by NLB and jointly curated by Lucinda Law who is the founder of Within- an online conservatory of nature-led and botanically-based lifestyle, culture and creative pursuits. The 4-part series boasts a unique introspection into topics that differs from regular programmes at the public libraries. Each session is moderated by Lucinda where she speaks to two invited guest speakers. It is the first project under Arts@NLB that celebrates the interdisciplinary nature of art at the design-themed space, library@orchard.

Lucinda Law is a artist, writer/editor and educator. Her creative spectrum of professional work and artistic practice originates from her versatility in bridging theoretical and practice-led expressions based on a range of contemporary cultural lifestyle issues and topics rooted in art, design, communication, travel, nature and creativity. Her dedication to her field of interests is evidenced by her BA in English Language and Literature and MA in Fine Arts. She has previously worked as a lifestyle and travel editor in Singapore and Hong Kong. She has also edited and written numerous books and feature stories about arts, design, travel and lifestyle. She has also taught art and design cultural theory for more than 12 years. Above all, she is passionately inspired by the time-based quality of nature and beauty. She is currently an adjunct lecturer at the Forum of Critical Inquiry under SIT/Glasgow School of Arts. She enjoys creating botanical-based artworks and write for WITHIN, a nature-inspired website which she founded in 2015. Additionally, she moderates and jointly-curates a series of talks called the Art of Living with NLB held at library@orchard.

Website www.within.sg
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Olivia Choong

Olivia is a gardener, nature lover and believer of a sustainable society. She writes about gardening and sustainable living on her blog - The Tender Gardener, and is an active voice on environmentalism in Singapore. She raises awareness through her blog posts on a few online platforms and environmental society, Green Drinks (Singapore), where she is the President and Co-founder. During her travels to Byron Bay, Australia, Olivia spends her time learning about sustainable practices for practical application in an urban setting, and hopes to promote urban homesteading in Singapore. She conducts flower, herb and vegetable growing workshops in Singapore, and is a strong advocate for growing one’s own herbal remedies. Olivia has won awards for her environmental efforts. In 2013, she was a recipient of National Environment Agency’s EcoFriend Awards in the Non-governmental Organisations and Grassroots volunteers category, and in 2014, received Junior Chamber International’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Singapore merit award in the category of Moral and/or Environmental Leadership. She also sits on the board of advisors at youth environmental NGO, Avelife. Very much a homebody, Olivia likes to spend time in her Singapore and Australia gardens, fussing over her chickens, and peering at the bees in her apiary.

Charles Loh

Charles Loh, is a creative photographer and designer, with an educational background in business management. Charles tends to relay his interest in nature throughout weekends and merging his ideals and knowledge through the form of terrariums.
Being in Nature is one of his biggest inspirations, as a young teen he had become engrossed with the idea of merging art and nature - from fish breeding to aquascaping. In 2014, he had taken up growing terrariums as play after stumbling upon it during one of his travels abroad. Experiencing and curiousity with added touch of curation, he had gained followers quickly without expectation and worked with various organisers and lifestyle such as fareast organization, publicgarden , snackfood by conducting workshops and commissioned works. He has gained several media attention from TIMEOUT kl, catalogue, Lo-fi magazine, bfmradio Kl, Lookboxliving magazine to name a few. Using the main medium MOSS, a living terrestial plant in his work , it creates a more realistic similarity to naturescapes in the wild.
Blending and progressing in using unconventional growing style - whilst mixing modernism, quirk and sleek is his aim to make terrariums the everyday chic by creating little stories in glass jars. A flair of direction and mixing nature into living spaces and interior is what MOSSINGARDEN's general idea is while having a life long sustainable living art to find the balance .
Embarking on a journey from foraging terrestrial plants to blooming flowers, he tend to make and experiment different plants to create landscapes or what would be a pleasant looking living art décor for living spaces.

Website mossinggarden.com
Instagram mossinggarden

Sat Jan 9, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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Orchard library, Imagine Room. Singapore
The Art of Living Talk Series by NLB & Lucinda Law

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