NOOCC Eye Centre : The Art & Science of the EYE (Basic Level) for Students (7 to 14 y/o)

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NOOCC Eye Centre is an integrated clinical diagnostic centre since 2005. We provide integrated clinical diagnostic services for 4 years old onwards and manage the Vision Care Hub (VCH), which is also known as 'The Art & Science EYE Hub' since 2008.

The VCH is a fun-filled, interactive exhibition learning hub designed for all age group, since 2008. It showcases the journey of the eye and the impact of technology, lifestyle, environment and physiology on eye health. More than 60,000 participants have since visited the VCH, a learning platform for preventive care and eye health management.

The VCH programs incorporates Art, Science & Craft in the experiential learning journey of the eye. It also illustrates the changes and its relationship with the constantly changing environmental influence.

This is a very interesting learning hub which enables you to learn, experience and discover about yourselves during the learning journey.

The Eye Challenge Club is setup in 2019 to gather like minded individuals, who are interested to explore the eye in greater detail; learn the Art & Science of the eye; understand how the eye works; how the two eyes work together effectively to achieve good visual performance; and how the eye interact with the brain to see the world in different perspective.

Program Outline for AS201

Introduction to and exploration of the Eye in greater detail.
Learn the basics of the Art & Science of the Eye.

How do the eyes WORK?
Do they work together?
Which part facilitate your visual experience?

How light enters the eye?
What is the importance of having two eyes?
How do the eyes interact with the brain?
How does the brain interpret the meaning of what the eyes see?

What is SEEING clearly?
How is it being measured?
Find out how well can you see?

Workshop Format
Prior registration is necessary.

For Students
Ages 7 to 14
No prior experience required

Special Program Fee*
S$55 per pax inclusive of 7% GST and a Free vision screening session for each participant.

2.5 hours per session.

Group Size
10 to 15 pax per session.

Please contact us at 6471 1771 for other available dates & time for this program.

Contact Details

Call: 6471 1771 or
Visit: www.noocc.com or Tel
Email: patientcare@noocc.com for more information or check with us for other dates & timings.

Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm, Mon to Sat, except Sun & PH.
Venue: Noocc Eye Centre, 190 Changi Road, B1-01 Mdis Bldg. near Eunos Mrt. Singapore 419974

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Thu Dec 5, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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NOOCC Eye Centre : The Art & Science of the Eye (Basic - Students) SOLD OUT $55.00
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190 Changi Road, #B1-01 Mdis Bldg Singapore
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