The Urban Retreat

You have done enough for the week. Time to take a break.

“Wait a second, I still have lots of work that’s not done! Seriously! Take a look at my huge lists of work. In fact, I’m stuck! I don’t know what to do.”

Yes. I understand how you feel. In fact, I am pretty sure that you are very dedicated person who wish to give your best in everything that you do. I also believe that you have the POTENTIAL to be the best version of yourself.

Though like what Einstein said, we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. We have to MAKE SPACE for NEW THOUGHT PATTERNS to take over.

Remember this, our willpower is like a MUSCLE, it tires off and needs REST. Rest and recharge your willpower. Meditation is one way where you can totally:

- Take a break without escaping away from your problems
- Increase grey matter in your frontal cortex, enhancing your willpower and ability good decisions. (Researched back up by psychologists and researchers)

Starting this coming 18th December, give yourself the break you truly deserve. Come join me for regular fortnightly meditation session where you can unwind to relaxing music and surrender to stress.

What so special about my regular meditation sessions?

- Not all meditation sessions are alike. Each session focuses on a theme. Be it relationships, abundance, health, creativity, developing charisma, etc. The session on 18th focuses on stress management.

- At the end of the meditation, I will guide everyone to set a small goal in particular to the theme of the night so that you can starting EVOLVING in your own life!

Please tell me more!

All right. So if you are interested, the details are as follows:

Date: 18 December 2015 Friday
Time: 7.30-8.30pm
Location: 1 Pearl Bank, #16-04, Pearl Bank Apartments (kindly register with security)
Fee: Donation based (Suggested amount SG $20.00)

Fri Dec 18, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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Pearl Bank Apartment, 1 Pearl Bank, #16-04 (Register with Security)
Venue Address
Pearl Bank Apartment, 1 Pearl Bank, #16-04 Singapore
It is the tall building off the exit of Outram Park MRT. Kindly register with security before you enter.
The Urban Retreat